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Relaxing routines from bathtime to bed with Earth Friendly Baby

Relaxing routines from bathtime to bed with Earth Friendly Baby

From bathtime to bed - Earth Friendly Baby helps to create a relaxing routine to ease your baby to sleep feeling both calm and relaxed.

Your little one deserves nothing but the best – and that’s why Earth Friendly Baby products are designed to be kind and gentle to baby’s skin. Carefully blended from over 28 botanicals they are over 99% natural and more than 50% organic, making them perfect for little ones sensitive skin.

The Earth Friendly Baby award winning range includes Shampoo & Bodywash, Bubble Bath, Oils, Wipes and Lotions, which come in the three following scents:

Calming Lavender

Lavender, well known for its calming properties allows your baby to relax ready for a good nights sleep. While it’s gentle antiseptic properties blended together with Chamomile have been known to help soothe eczema.

Soothing Chamomile

Soothing chamomile with its anti-inflammatory properties makes it perfect for baby sensitive skin and blended together with citrus fruits gives an uplifting aroma.

Happy Mandarin

This carefully crafted scent is exciting and refreshing leaving your baby’s skin smelling delicious all day long.

Along with these products our range also includes Calming and Soothing Body Lotions, Moisturising Shea Massage Oil and Aloe Vera Wet Wipes to give your baby the full relaxing bathtime experience. You will find our products in Asda, Boots, Waitrose, Ocado, Tesco and John Lewis.

At Earth Friendly Baby we understand our planet and strive to reduce the impact we have on the environment in everything we do. We are proud to say we are certified natural and organic by Ecocert Greenlife, the largest organic certification company in the world. This means that not only can we guarantee that Earth Friendly Baby is as naturally kind and gentle as can possibly be but the practice of organic farming means no artificial fertilisers or pesticides and more hedges, field margins and clover and herb rich grasslands. Kind to the baby, kind to the planet.

Along with this all of our bottles are manufactured from recycled plastic, and we encourage consumers to recycle ours too once they’re finished. None of our products have ever been tested on animals, nor any of the ingredients on our behalf and we’re proud to be long term members of the Vegetarian and Vegan Society who support animal welfare.

And last but not least we were awarded Gold in the ‘Best Baby Skincare Range’ category in the Mother & Baby Awards 2014.

For more information on Earth Friendly Baby or any of our products please click here.

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