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The Best Bedside Cribs For Co-Sleeping

Best cots for co sleeping

Bedside cribs are the new way to enjoy closeness in safety during the first few months with your newborn, but which will work best for you? 

A bedside crib fits alongside your bed, with one side that can be removed or dropped out of the way so you can easily lift your baby out for feeding, or soothe him back to sleep. 

Official ‘safe sleeping’ guidance from the NHS advises that your newborn sleeps in the same room as you but not in your bed, due to the risk of suffocation and overheating, for his first six months. And so a bedside crib offers you the closeness and convenience of co-sleeping (letting your baby sleep in your bed with you), but the safety of him being in his own space. They’re usually suitable from birth to when your baby’s around six months old.

Do you need a bedside crib?

It’s fine to put your baby to sleep in a cot from the get-go, as long as you always position him with his feet at the foot of the cot. However, a smaller sleeping place is cosier and your baby is more likely to settle well in this more secure environment. And it takes up far less floor-space in your bedroom. 

The main advantage of a bedside crib over a Moses basket or standard crib is the lack of barrier between you and your baby. 

If you’d like to be able to see and reach your baby during the night, and for your baby to be able to see you, then a bedside crib is a good choice. And if you like the idea of co-sleeping, but are concerned about the risks of doing so, they’ll appeal too.

They make night-time feeds and soothing your baby back to sleep much less of a faff as you get to stay in bed. And, if you have restricted movement – perhaps after a C-section – then not getting in and out of bed and having to lift your baby in and out of a crib is a real help.

Will you want to use the bedside crib on its own too?

Some cribs are designed to be used as a standalone crib as well as a bedside crib. If you’d like the option of switching between modes, perhaps if you’d prefer your baby to nap downstairs during the day and don’t want to buy a separate Moses basket, then it pays to choose a crib that converts between modes easily. Some require a fair bit of re-assembly to use as a standalone crib and are less than portable. Or look for one with a detachable sleeping area which can easily be lifted into another room.

Measure the height of your bed

It’s important that there’s no gap between your baby’s mattress and yours, and that the crib can be securely attached to your bed. So do check that the crib’s mattress height will adjust to the same level as your own mattress, and triple-check what’s compatible: some cribs are designed to clip onto bedstead frames and therefore won’t work with a divan.

Is the bedside crib mattress a standard size and shape?

If it isn’t, you may be limited to buying bedding from the manufacturer, which could well be more expensive, so build this into your cost calculations. Check, too, whether the mattress is included or has to be bought separately at extra expense.

The best bedside cribs for co-sleeping:  

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Chicco Next2Me co-sleeping crib, £179, ​Amazon 

Not only did this clever cot win gold in our 2017 Mother & Baby awards, it’s a great choice if you’re hoping to co-sleep. The removable side allows your newborn to sleep next to you, without being in the same bed. Our mums loved how lightweight the crib was and how easy it was to attach to the bed – perfect for night feeds. Read more reviews of the Chicco Next2Me crib here. 
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SnüzPod 3-in-1 Beside Crib, £179.95, Amazon 

Winning bronze in our 2017 Mother & Baby awards, this clever crib is three in one and can be used as a bedside crib, a standalone crib or as a moses basket. With a mesh wall for easy access adjustable height settings, this is suitable from birth to six months. Our mums loved the look of this co-sleeping crib and that they could unzip the mesh side and hold their baby’s hand during the night. Read more real mum reviews of the SnüzPod 3-in-1 Beside Crib here. 
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Babybay Convertible Bedside Cot, £219, Amazon 

Midwife hcp recommended, this crib attaches to your bed and has adjustable height features to ensure the sleep zone is safe. Our mums loved how close they could be to their baby, but were worried about the size of the crib, and felt their baby would definitely have outgrown it before reaching six months. 
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Jané Babyside Crib, £202, Amazon 

This crib from Jané can be used alongside all types of bed, as well as on its own as a standalone option. Mums love how easy the crib is to fold and how large the crib is compared to other co-sleeping cribs on the market. Another great feature is the adjustable incline – a great option if you’ve got a sickly baby. 
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Knuma Huddle 4-in-1 Bedside Crib, £190, Mothercare 

Shortlisted in our 2017 Mother & Baby awards, we love the adaptability of this crib, which can be used for co-sleeping, a standalone crib, as a moses basket and as a child’s desk and bench, once your little one has outgrown it. Our mums loved the fact this could be converted into a useful piece of furniture once it was outgrown, and felt the crib was sturdy and well built. The only downside – it’s pretty heavy to move around, and storing the crib until your baby is old enough to use it as a desk isn’t an option for everyone. Read more reviews of the Knuma Huddle 4-in-1 Bedside Crib here. 
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Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper, £249.99, Amazon 

Another crib that was shortlisted in our 2017 Mother & Baby awards (giving it that tried and tested real mum stamp of approval), we love that this crib can rotate and swivel into position. Unlike other bassinets on the market, the 360-degree rotation allows for you to get in and out of bed hassle free. Our mums loved how close this crib allowed them to get to their baby, as well as being easy to silently and smoothly manoeuvre. Read more real mum reviews of the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper here. 
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BabyDan 3-in-1 Side by Side, £104, Amazon 

Unlike some of the others on this list, this crib can be used until you baby is 12kg, which is normally around 11 months old, or until your baby is able to sit, kneel or pull themselves up. With removable wheels, the crib can easily be moved round the bedroom, or between rooms. The three in one crib can be used for co-sleeping, as a standalone crib, or as a cute bench in your baby’s room once they have outgrown it.