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Is your little one struggling to settle? WIN a Magic Sleepsuit by Baby Merlin

Magic Sleep Suit

If your little one is struggling to settle now they’ve outgrown the swaddling stage, The Magic Sleepsuit could be the answer to your sleep-deprived prayers! Created by a paediatric psychical therapist and mum of four, The Magic Sleepsuit by Baby Merlin is a patented baby swaddle transition product that provides your little one with a cosy, calming and safe environment.  

 The design of this suit helps babies of approximately three months of age sleep for longer stretches without needing holding, nursing and rocking. Providing them with all the comfort they could need by helping muffle twitches and startle-type movements.  It is designed with the safe sleep guidelines (ABC’s) of sleep in mind—keeping babies sleeping Alone on the Back in their Cots. The Magic Sleepsuit enables babies to wear their warmth and eliminates the need for loose bedding in the crib.  The double zippers (with covers to prevent little fingers from finding the exit route) make night-time nappy changes easy.

Unlike standard sleep suits, this ends at the ankles so your baby’s feet won’t get too warm, and it also leaves your baby’s hands free so they can grasp and play without feeling constrained.



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