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Snack happy: the best reusable sandwich bags for toddlers

Sandwich-eating toddler

Whether you’re taking your little boy or girl to the park to play on the swings, dropping them off at nursery or visiting the beach, you need to make sure you pack plenty of titbits to keep them going. Running around all day means they’ll need plenty of energy and bringing food along on adventures in a reusable snack bag is the best way to do this. It doesn’t matter if your journey is just around the corner or miles away, these bags will help keep the food fresh.

Preparing meals doesn’t have to be stressful. You can teach your little ones about food and all the goodness we need from it. Let them become assistant cook for the day and help you prepare some goodies, even if it’s just washing the grapes in a little bowl. Another way to help keep your tots entertained at meal times is choosing a fun print for their snack bags.

Expect bold designs with bright colours, cute illustrations and pretty patterns. There’s something for everyone with princess, pirate and penguin themes. If you’re looking for a simpler design, you’ll find this too. To help you spend more time outside this summer, we’ve chosen some of the best reusable sandwich bags for toddlers, so you don’t have to rush home for lunch.

We’re about to go prehistoric with these amazing snack bags. If your little t-rex loves dinosaurs, these eco-friendly pouches can be used again and again. There’s a clever transparent section where you can see your food in the monster’s mouth. Fun design aside, these snack bags are practical and can be use in the freezer or dishwasher.

Swap a boring sandwich bag for these mini packages. As well as saving a small fortune on not constantly buying new ones, they’ll look amazing and won’t take up much room in a lunch box. Forget about tin foil or plastic boxes as you fill these cute bags with fruit, sandwiches and popcorn.

Perfect for any little princesses, these Snack ‘n’ Go reusable sandwich bags are fantastic for carrying food. As they take up very little space, toddlers will be able to carry it in their own rucksacks. This is great news for Mum or Dad, as they’ll have to carry less.   

Running around on the daily? Enjoy the slow life with this 'philoSLOTHical' snack bag. Although your tot might get the pun, the cute animal pattern will look adorable in their lunch box. Let’s hope the little one doesn’t start eating their lunch quite as slow as a sloth.

Ahoy captain! All hands are on deck when it comes to lunch time. But, don’t let it feel like you’re walking the plank when preparing ahead of time. You’ve found buried treasure when it comes to a Boc’ n Roll. Its fun pirate print will keep all mini adventurers’ sandwiches fresh.

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