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SnüzPod, the bedside crib that Dads are embracing…

SnüzPod, the bedside crib that Dads are embracing…

When a new baby comes along, there is often a lot of emphasis on the mother’s bond and when it comes to purchasing decisions it might be fair to say the women rule the roost.

There are few products which truly embrace a baby’s newfound relationship with Dad, with exception maybe when picking the gadgets! It is inevitable that Dads naturally seem to get more involved when choosing the monitor or pushchair for example and therefore have infinitely more interest in using them! Up until now, the same could be said for Moses baskets or cribs.  But the arrival of the SnüzPod®, the unique 3 in 1 bedside crib from Snüz®, is changing this trend as dads all over the UK are truly embracing the newborn sleep innovation!

As part of The Little Green Sheep family, its pioneering design has allowed Dads to engage straight away with the purchasing decision. The style, functionality and innovative nature of the SnüzPod has certainly seen Dads get more involved in the purchasing and in turn naturally increased the desire to use the product. Add to this the 3 in 1 function of the SnüzPod means it is not exclusive to mums bedside  - the clever multi-function means the SnüzPod can be taken downstairs for daytime napping, keeping baby close to Mum and Dad throughout the day.

One Dad, who is a huge fan of the SnüzPod is Dave, from popular Dad blog, the Dadventurer. Speaking about using the product Dave says: “We found it helped massively when Baby L slept in our bedroom, particularly when it came to breastfeeding during the early hours as the missus didn’t need to continually leave the bed to feed the little one. As a dad, I also found that the SnüzPod had huge benefits for me. In order to give the missus some respite, we’d often switch sides of the bed so that I’d be next to the SnüzPod – this meant that I was able to check on, comfort and bond with the sprog as she lay in the bedside crib. It was great to be able to watch her through the mesh wall whilst she slept, or interact with her as she lay awake by my side when the mesh wall was zipped-down”.

With a recent survey revealing a huge 97% of customers would recommend it, SnüzPod has fast established itself as the Bedside Crib of choice. Its No.1 status was undoubtedly established when the UK’s leading parenting magazine Mother&Baby honoured the product as the ‘Best Cot, Crib or Moses Basket’ for 2015.

SnüzPod’s innovative 3 in 1 design allows parents to feed, comfort and settle baby without having to leave the bed and gives them peace of mind that their little one is safe. With faultless reviews and multiple awards, SnüzPod is a fantastic choice for all parents.

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