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What is your little one sleeping on?

What is your little one sleeping on?

In the first year of life, a baby will sleep on average a phenomenal 5,893 hours, more than 60% of the hours available. Whether a baby is getting enough sleep, ensuring they distinguish between night and day and the temperature of babies room will undoubtedly play on every new parents mind, however will the sleep environment be given the same scrutiny?

Considering the sheer amount of time a baby will spend in their crib or cot, creating the purest, healthiest and safest sleep environment is, without question, essential.

When thinking about the sleep environment, what a baby is lying on should be the first thing to review, but this is often not the case and many parents may be oblivious to the true material composition of a standard mattress.  It may surprise parents to learn that most mattresses are made with fire proofing chemicals and worryingly some foam mattresses, not only have poor ventilation, but may release or 'off-gas' significant amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

One of the country’s leading organic baby brands is keen to educate families about what babies are lying on, and are passionate about promoting safe sleep. The Little Green Sheep are committed to being completely transparent about the materials they are using, especially in their mattress and their new campaign, ‘Natural Goodness from the Inside’,  will support this ongoing message.

Celebrated for launching the UK’s first organic cot mattress more than eight years ago, the team hope the campaign will enlighten parents on the importance of selecting a natural cot mattress. In its eight years, the brand has firmly established itself as the market leaders of natural sleep, with it's mattresses promising parents a safe, pure and healthy environment, free from chemicals and foams. Famously made from the fibres of coconuts which act as thousands of tiny springs providing the ideal support, breathable soft fleece wool which is a natural fire retardant, and organically grown cotton, each and every Little Green Sheep mattress promises the ultimate safe sleep environment for every baby. 

Famously made from the fibres of coconuts which act as thousands of tiny springs

With multiple awards and reviews, The Little Green Sheep’s natural, 100% chemical free mattresses will never disappoint. Parents can choose one for the cot, crib, pram, single bed or can even have one custom made for unique sizes. Together with the organic cotton, coconut fibre and natural latex, the wool helps to provide a long-lasting supportive mattress and makes for a natural anti-dust mite mattress for every baby.

However, it doesn’t stop with mattresses, all products by The Little Green Sheep promise natural sleep goodness, including its mattress protectors that keep them clean and dry.

Commenting on the new campaign, Mark Nicholls, Co-Founder of The Little Green Sheep said: “We are very excited to have launched ‘Natural Goodness from the Inside’ to educate on safer sleep naturally. The purchase of the pushchair or highchair understandably hold more interest for parents and often investing in a good quality, natural mattress is not top of the shopping list. We hope our campaign sheds some light on why parents should choose carefully, so they can ensure the safest sleep environment for their baby and focus on investing in a quality, safe mattress that their little one will spend so much time sleeping on in their first few years.”

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