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Testing: Baby Baths – Find The Perfect One For You

You can wash your baby in the kitchen sink – and it’s probably good if you’re recovering from a c-section or have back problems as it means less bending. But as your baby grows, having a dedicated baby bath tub certainly has advantages, allowing you to bathe your baby in a warm living room, for instance, or making her feel more secure. After all, a ‘proper’ bath is equivalent to a swimming pool for a small baby. Some baby baths fold up or inflate, while others have a moulded bottom to support younger babies. You’ll also find bucket-style versions of baby bath that allow your little one to sit in a more upright position. Whichever you choose will partly come down to the space you have, your budget and your taste. But, we got mums to test the best to give our Mother&Baby verdict.

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Mini Bath, Tippitoes, Cost: £14.99

In a nutshell: A brilliantly compact baby bath that will last until nine months Verdict: A brilliantly compact baby bath tub that features an integral support for bathing baby, freeing your hands to wash her hair, rinse soap off and grab the towel when it’s time for her to get out. The head support area is cushioned and the bath’s carry handles and plug all make for easy emptying. It’s small so takes up minimal bathroom space and will last until around nine months when your baby should be ready to go in your ‘big’ bath anyway.
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Cocoon, Mebby, Cost: £25

In a nutshell: A bucket-style tub that’s comforting and warm for newborns and premature babies Verdict: This bucket-style tub has a removable baby bath seat, allowing newborns and younger babies to bathe in a position they find comforting. It’s deeper meaning your baby’s immersed in water up to her shoulders, keeping her warmer. Other features include an integral temperature indicator and a handy cup for rinsing off shampoo and soap. Also suitable for premature babies.
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Jahgoo Baby Bath Support, Cheeky Rascals, Cost: £12.99

In a nutshell: This bath support makes bathing comfortable and can be used up to the six-month mark. Verdict: Place in your ‘big’ bath to overcome that classic bath-time problem of two hands not being enough to support your newborn, wash her and grab the towel at the end. It is the ultimate baby bath support and the ergonomic shape will keep her comfortable and secure. Plus, unlike some foam or fabric bath supports, it won’t go mouldy. Suitable from birth to around six months old.
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Folding Bath, Flexibath, Cost: £29.99

In a nutshell: Perfect for a weekend away or a small home, this folding bath is great for baby and saving space Verdict: This innovative baby bath product folds flat when not in use, so it won’t take up much room. It’s also fantastic for shoving in the car boot when you’re off for a night away from home. There’s a plug to make emptying easier and a non-slip base, but on the downside there’s nothing to offer your baby support. Comes in a range of appealingly bright colours, including green, blue, orange and purple.