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Whether you want to hear the moment your baby stirs or watch her while she’s sleeping, there’s a baby monitor for you. Ranging from simple, sound-only models to ones with sensors that alert you if your baby’s stopped moving, you just have to choose the budget and type that suits you. Other additional features on offer are nightlights, two-way ‘talk back’ so you can soothe your baby from another room, a lullaby player and even a room thermometer that warns you if the nursery becomes too hot or cold. You may want the option of rechargeable batteries in the parent unit too. Then you won’t have to leave it plugged in and can take it round the house if you move rooms.
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Best all round baby monitor

Monitor Pacifier, BT Cost: £89.99 Verdict: With extra-sharp sensors, you’ll hear your baby loud and clear with this monitor. There’s a useful two-way ‘walkie talkie’ function that lets you talk your little one to sleep, and the music player has 19 lullabies or you can plug in your MP3 player and play your own soothing tracks. There’s also a mesmerising light show, which can be projected onto the nursery ceiling to help your baby relax and doze off.
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Best baby monitor for reassurance

AC401 Movement and Sound monitor, Angelcare Cost: £99.99 Verdict: If you’re a new parent, a movement monitor will bring you extra peace of mind. The sensor pad sits under your baby’s mattress and an alarm sounds after 20 seconds if no movement is detected. It’s a good-quality digital audio monitor with a nightlight and room thermometer too.
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Best baby monitor for gadget lovers

Monitor, Babyping Cost: £149.99 Verdict: One for techie fans, Babyping’s innovative webcam unit plus app can be downloaded to your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone to transform it into an audio and video monitor. You can carry on using your device, surf the net or make phone calls, knowing that the app will alert you if your baby cries.
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Best baby monitor video

MBP36 digital video monitor, Motorola Cost: £149.99 Verdict: Watch your baby snooze with this easy-to-use baby video monitor, which offers a clear picture of your baby on a 3.5in screen. A remote pan, tilt and zoom facility lets you get a closer look, too. You can also add additional cameras onto the main unit to widen the viewing area.
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Best budget buy baby monitor

Slim and Clear, Summer Infant Cost: £36 Verdict: If you’re on a tight budget and want a straightforward digital audio monitor, this one does the job with minimal fuss. Thanks to the sleek design and a UK/EU plug adaptor, it’s portable and perfect for holidays. It also comes with rechargeable batteries. Excellent value.
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