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Our top picks for the best baby bath seat to make bathtime a breeze

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The best baby bath seats

For a fun, safe, and comfortable bath time experience for baby and parent, you need to find the best baby bath seat. These clever little contraptions are designed to make bathing a baby easier, keeping kids safe and secure allowing you to clean them while they busily get on with their urgent bath play. Specialists recommend using baby bath seats as they can help prevent accidents. A baby bath seat can take the stress out of bathing a baby, which can be a somewhat daunting task.

What is a baby bath seat?

Usually made of plastic, baby bath seats are waterproof seats that can be put in the bath for your child to securely sit in. They give the baby support and hold them in safely while you to wash them, anxiety-free. They are lightweight, easy to put in and out of a bath, and are easy to clean. Baby bath seats are ideal for babies that can sit up, so from about 6 months old, till around the time they start to walk. Strong suction cups are ideal to secure the seat in place which helps with fidgety toddlers.

The best baby bath seats for baby and toddler

Scroll down to see our top picks for best baby bath seat that will make bathing your child easy as pie.

  • It can be used from 6-12 months
  • It’s safe and secure
  • It comes with a 360-degree swivel base that rotates full-circle
  • It lets your baby sit upright in the bath, leaving your hands free
  • It can be used from 5 to 10 months
  • It’s really easy to get the little one in and out of the seat
  • It has a compact design and is easy to store
  • It comes with suction pads so it stays secure
  • It can be used from 6 to 12 months
  • It’s made with TPE moulding plastic
  • It has an ergonomic design
  • It comes with strong suction cups
  • It has a water level indicator
  • It can be used from 5 to 10 months
  • It’s a best-seller with more than 200 reviews on Amazon
  • It changes colour when the water is too hot
  • It has an opening front section to allow the baby to get in and out easier
  • It can be used from 6 to 12 months
  • It has a non-slip matte seat to ensure the baby is kept in place
  • It has four powerful suction feet
  • It can hold babies up to 13kg
  • It can be used from birth to 12 months
  • It has a beautiful design with smooth curves and flowing roll top
  • It has a large, warm foam backrest for comfort
  • It has grippy non-slip feet for security
  • It can be used in the bath, shower, kitchen sink or on the floor

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