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The best buggy boards for toddlers and children

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Best buggy boards

If you're planning on adding to your brood, now is the time to think about how you're going to get around. Is your toddler walking but not enough for long strolls? Don't want to buy a double buggy (or try and get it on the bus)? Buggy boards are the perfect invention. Attach them onto your buggy and your toddler can ride along with you. Check out some of the best and most innovative buggy boards on the market right now...

Bumprider Stroller Board, £59.99, Amazon

As a shortlisted product for the 2017 Mother & Baby awards, this product is certainly up there with the best buggy boards in the business. It attaches easily to any pram or buggy, which means your toddler can either choose to walk alongside you or hop on their bumprider and have a cruise! One bonus of this board is it's size, its not too bulky so shouldn't get in the way as you push your stroller. One of our Mother & Baby mums, Colette Molyneux thought it was ingenious: 'This was a breakthrough for the imagined semi-peaceful afternoon walk and I applaud its convenience, design, quality and value for money.'

Bumprider Sit, £109.99, Amazon

Bumprider Sit

While this product is on the pricier side, it does have the extra feature of a seat to make up for the price tag. Your toddler can choose to stand on the board and ride along with you, or sit on the detachable seat and watch the world go by. It's great if your child is particularly fussy and you find yourself needed to stop for a sit down a lot on walks. Shortlisted for the 2016 Mother & Baby Awards, it was a hit with one of our dad testers, Richard Barnes who told us: 'If you don't have the space for a double buggy or want to go to the expense then this is a great option.'

Lascal Buggy Board Maxi, £55.99, Amazon

One of the most popular choices for parents, Lascal's Buggy Board Maxi is a great choice for children aged 2-6. It's easily attached to many different pushchairs and is easily manoeuvred around corners or over bumps. An amazon best seller, you're bound to find this useful on those long family walks!.

Lascal Buggy Board Saddle, £47.95, Amazon

This added extra to the Lascale Buggy Board will make long journeys even easier. The little seat will prove a lifesaver on those arduous walks where you toddler can't take a step further without throwing a tantrum. When they're too tired to stand and ride along with you on the board, add the seat for extra comfort. It might not be a necessity, but if you have a particularly fussy little one, it will make all the difference to afternoon strolls.

Babystyle Oyster Ride On Board, £42.95, Amazon

This particularly handy buggy board is big enough for a toddler to stand on but compact enough to not get in the way when your pushing your stroller. Designed to match Oyster pushchairs, it has racked up 4.5 stars on Amazon. No kicking the back of the board with this one, it's sturdy, strong and most importantly keeps your toddler safe on those long walks. 

Stokke Xplory Rider Board, £87,

Carrying up to 20kg of weight, this buggy board is great for children aged two and up. Attaching to the Stokke Xplory pushchair, it is on the pricier side but promises to be easy to fit and gives your child all the fun of riding alongside their little brother or sister.

OBaby Kiddie Ride On, £49.99,

This buggy board provides great value for money. Not only does it fold up when not in use, it is attached and removed with ease by pushing two buttons. Suitable for many different pushchairs, it gives your little one that extra height to look around as you go on your afternoon walk.

Mee-Go Sit 'n' Ride X Buggy Board with Seat, £89.99,

With a maximum child weight of up to 30kg, this buggy boat and seat will suit your child for years. Its higher price means it has a few extra features your toddler will enjoy, including the removable seat when they're extra tired, a steering wheel and LED light up wheels. The board is anti-slip and has a two-point safety harness for added security. You can't go wrong with this buggy board!

Mountain Buggy Freerider, £99,

This one is bound to go down an absolute hit with your toddler! Attaching as a scooter as oppose to just a platform, this board promises to be more fun for your little one, while still giving them a break from walking. With an adjustable handle, it holds up to 20kg when used as a board and 50kg when used as a scooter! It easily folds up when not in use, and of course can be detached so your toddler can scoot along once they're old enough. 

UPPAbaby Vista PiggyBack, £94.99,

Small, cute and easily foldable, this buggy board is all natural and made from eco-friendly material. It easily snaps on and off the 2015 Vista pushchair, and holds up to 22kg of weight. With a non-skid surface, it's safe and secure for your child when they need a little break from walking. 

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