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The best dummies for breastfed babies

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Best dummies for breastfed babies

Suckling is a basic instinct for babies, both for feeding and comfort. Although there are pros and cons of using dummies, many parents will turn to them at some point during their babies life. For breastfed babies, 'nipple confusion' can often occur, as your baby struggles to switch from an artificial teat or dummy back to your nipple. This can be both a good and bad thing, it often means breastfeeding mothers can wean their babies off the breast earlier, yet it's also been argued that suckling on a dummy instead of the breast results in a reduced milk supply. Most experts advise you wait until your baby is around a month old before introducing a dummy, by which point your milk supply should be more established.

To help you work out what is best for you and your baby, we've summed up the best dummies on the market for breastfed babies. Whatever dummy you choose, it's important to remember the following advice. 

How to care for your baby's dummy: 

  • Ensure you keep your baby's dummy as clean as possible (sterilising it as you would their bottles on a regular basis). 
  • Be sure to check regularly for any cracks, splits and holes that might trap germs. 
  • Replace your baby's dummy regularly. 
  • Set limits to the times when your baby has her dummy, such as before sleep or when she is unwell. Do not give it to her all the time. 
  • Experts advise you wean your child off their dummy before their first birthday. Find more advice on how to wean your child off his dummy here. 

Phillips Avent Soothie, £1.14, Amazon

£1.09 Buy Now


With two different designs, one for 0-3 months and one for 3+ months, this soother is great for newborns. Latex free, this dummy is sized and shaped for your baby's mouth and is made from hospital grade silicone. With many mothers reporting these were the only soothers their breastfed baby would take, the nipple is specifically developed to help your baby's developing teeth and gums.

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier, £14.00, Amazon

£9.34 Buy Now


If your baby is finding it hard to keep their dummy in their mouth and is getting distressed when they lose it in the night, the WubbaNub pacifiers will be come in handy. The dummy itself is latex, BPA and Phthalate-free. 

MAM Night Soothers, £5.15, Amazon

£5.29 Buy Now


With MAM's usual silk teat made from soft silicone, this soother is great for healthy jaw and teeth development, with air holes and a curved shiled for comfort. Not only that, it glows in the dark, making it easier for your little one to find at night time. With a comfortable teet feeling, even if your baby has struggled to accept other dummies, this one might be a winner. 

Phillips Avent Translucent Orthadontic Infant Pacifier, £5.00, Amazon

£4.00 Buy Now


A great dummy for breastfed babies, the collapsible teat makes the soother taste-free and odourless. The flat teat has been developed with your baby's palate, teeth and gums in mind, protecting your baby's development even if it's upside down in the mouth. 

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Soothers Fun, £5,


A great choice for babies between 6 and 18 months, Tommee Tippee have developed a symmetrical orthodontic nipple, specially designed to help baby acceptance. A good one to try if your breastfed baby has struggled with other dummies. 

First Years GumDrop Newborn Pacifier, £12.95, Amazon

£11.23 Buy Now

Designed for babies 0-3 months old, this pacifier prevents choking and is easy to sterilize. Made of BPA-free, Latex-free and Phthalate-free silicone, it leaves your baby's nose free.

NUK Genius Soothers, £4.99,


Naturally shaped, this NUK dummy is developed with dental health experts to stimulate that of a mothers nipple during breastfeeding. This has been proven to lead to greater acceptance from breastfed babies. With a soft, flexible teat, this NUK Soother is approved by the British Dental Health Foundation. 

Munchkin Latch Newborn Soothers, £5.25, Amazon

£8.10 Buy Now

Munchkin Latch

A lightweight design that helps your breastfed baby keep the soother in their mouth, these dummies were designed by paediatric dentists and mums. A natural shape to mimic your teat, the heart shape fits your baby's face, whilst staying clear of their nose. 

Chicco Physio Soft Soother, £5.76, Amazon 

£13.06 Buy Now

CHICCO silicone physio soft soother

These cleverly developed soother from Chicco helps your baby's mouth and tongue action, whilst mimicking her natural suckling instinct. The ultra thin narrow part of the teat heps your baby close her mouth correctly, helping your baby keep the soother in her mouth. 

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