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The best night lights for babies and children

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The best night lights

Getting your little one to sleep is no easy feat. Whether you’re going through the terrible two’s or they’re just not used to their routine, any help you can get to soothe them to sleep is a God send. Lucky for you, we have a list of the best night lights on the market that are bound to ease any bed time fussiness, and keep them calm if they wake during the night!

Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Soother, £40, Amazon 

Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Soother

This adorable owl night light is not only a winner at the 2017 Mother & Baby awards for its ability to ease your baby into their sleeping routine, it also fits right into their room like just another toy. With a dimmable nightlight belly, eight melodies and calming nature sounds and projection feature that gives your baby's ceiling a starry nightscape this is bound to send your little one off into a deep slumber. All these features must guzzle up a lot of power, surely? No! Running on an adapter, this stylish nightlight won’t have you reaching for new batteries every two seconds. We even had it tested by mums, who told us:

“This product has made my life so much easier by helping to settle my son into a bedtime routine. He used to resist sleep so much that he would often refuse to put his pyjamas on. Now he looks forward to bedtime as he loves looking at the stars on the ceiling”

Gro-egg Room Thermometer, £24.99, Amazon

Gro Egg

An easy to use thermometer that changes colour depending on the temperature in the room, if you love a multi-tasking gadget, you'll be a fan of this little night light. You'll be able to tell at a glance whether the temperature in your tots room is right, and he'll be soothed by the night light, whatever colour it's glowing. The light could do with being a little brighter, but still a good, affordable product.  

Brother Max Bear Carry & Hang Nightlight, £29.99,

Brother Max Bear

A funky, functional product that little ones will love. It’s easy to hold and to hang up, and the recharger is a great idea (the light can be used and recharged simultaneously)! It’s great for midnight toilet runs and the soft glow also makes life easier when checking on little ones when sleeping. The gummy bear shape is bound to go down well with your little ones, and it's calming hues will send him back to sleep after that nighttime toilet trip. 

Children’s Rabbit Lamp, £70,

This amazing night light may come shaped like a rabbit, but it would suit even the most stylish baby bedrooms. Handmade from bone china, it uses an LED bulb to provide a soft glow to the room that will calm your baby before they snooze. Should they wake up in the night, the gentle light will ease them back off to sleep. Better yet, it’s low voltage means it won’t drain too much electricity through the night!

Lindam Nursery Safety Sensor Light, £8, Amazon 

This no-frills night light serves its purpose perfectly. Cheap and cheerful, it’s blue glow will calm your child throughout the night and help them soothe themselves to sleep during those terrible twos. With a dusk till dawn detector, it can sense light levels and automatically switch off at dawn and switch on at dusk. You can’t go wrong with this great option.

The Gro Company Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer, £19.99, Amazon

The Gro Company The Gro-clock

For such an affordable price, this sleep product does a lot. The glowing screen not only provides comfort for your baby at night, it also helps teach them about night and day. Each little star goes out one at a time as the hours pass, helping them start to understand the process of it being time to wake up. With a story book included, you’ll get much more than a soft night light in this product.

Tiny Love Magical Night Mobile, £39.99, Amazon

Tiny Love

Another great product with multiple features, this mobile serves its purpose as a night light while also stimulating their senses with hanging toys! It’s 3-in-1 use means it can be suitable for years depending on the different milestones you baby has reached. Each feature is perfect for the following age groups:

0-5 months: Musical mobile with overhead canopy projection

5-18 months: Crib music box with ceiling projection

18+ months: Charming starry musical night-lamp

Summer Infant Slumber Buddy Elephant, £24.99, Amazon

Summer Infant Slumber Buddy Elephant

Your little one is bound to adore this product, not only acting as a night light but a friend through the night. As a cuddly elephant, it keeps your baby company while also projecting a light show of stars and moons onto their ceiling. Playing a variety of calming sounds and lullabies, your baby will be mesmerised by this product. While the music is relatively loud on the lowest setting, it still gets a 4.5-star review.

Litecup Sippy Cup + Nightlight Review, £8.99, Amazon

Litecup Sippy Cup + Nightlight

Another multiple feature product, this night light doubles as a sippy cup. The innovative product combines a non-spill cup with a softly glowing light, and is perfect for children who are battling their newfound independence, around 12 months old and up. At such a cheap price, it’s worth seeing how your little one reacts to this super flexible, battery run product. It’s also easy to clean and can be taken anywhere, just in case you need a mobile product for any sleepovers. 

Portable Owl Nightlight & Sleep Trainer, £29.99,

This sleep trainer was shortlisted in our awards because it combines a cuddly toy with a great night light. It’s soft yellow, blue or pink glow lasts throughout the night without draining battery power (it’s AC powered) and doesn’t generate any heat so can be kept under bed covers! It can also be used as a sleep training tool, glowing green when it’s time to wake up, signalling your baby it’s day time to help them understand the difference between night sleep and day sleep! We love how cute this is, it’s bound to be a hit with your baby!

Gro-Light 2-in-1 Night Light, £17.99, Amazon

This great product has two features in one, either a main bright light or a soft night light! It adapts to your existing light, attaching onto bayonet lights with the possibility or a normal room light in the day or a soft glow at night. No more plugging in, charging up or battery draining night lights, this innovative product does all the work for you! With a soft, white LED glow, your nightly feeds will barely interrupt your little baby!

SweetDreamers Ewan the dream sheep, £29.99, Amazon 

Win Ewan the Dream Sheep!

With 5 star reviews, this Mother & Baby gold award winner is a favourite for parents everywhere. The cuddly teddy comforts your baby with it’s soft glowing light and soothing soundtrack. Ewan the dream sheep has a 20-minute-long soundtrack of calming sounds alongside womb and heartbeat sequences to completely relax your little one. While it’s not machine-washable, it’s bedtime benefits will be a blessing if your child is struggling with their sleep routine. 

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