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The Britax King II ATS - the intelligent car seat

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Britax King II ATS

This clever invention is full of the latest technology to keep your little one safe in the car, including a tip-forward feature to make it easier to secure using the seat belt.

A new development in the world of group 1 car seats has seen the launch of the Britax King II ATS.

This clever car seat monitors the tension of the harness. It features a green light and sound alert to let you know if it’s fitted correctly and tight enough. This is really useful, as toddlers can often wriggle around when you strap them in a car seat, so the harness isn’t always as tight as it should be.

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The Britax King II ATS also features an Active Tensioning System, which automatically adjusts the harness to maintain the right tension for the whole journey. If it isn’t fitted properly, it will sound an alert and flash a red light.

The Britax King II ATS is priced at £180, exclusive to Mothercare - available in stores. 


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