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The NEW Fisher-Price Feeding Range

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The NEW Fisher-Price feeding range is available from March

Stef reviews the Fisher-Price Feeding Range

Johnny has some lunch

3 in 1 Spout Sippy Cup – RRP £4.50
Heat Sensitive Bowls – RRP £9.99 for a 3 pack
Learn to Scoop Spoons - £4.99 for a 4 pack

Reviewing at 9 months

We are big fans of this colourful and bright Fisher-Price feeding range! The Heat Sensitive Bowls are definitely my favourite item as they make mealtimes much easier.

It is so helpful to know straight away when the food is ready for Johnny to eat.  The 3 in 1 Spout Sippy Cup is great value with three modes that can change with Johnny as he grows. 

The leak proof valve prevents spills and is great for on-the-go, while the removable handles are perfect for Johnny’s little hands. 

Johnny having a snack

The Learn To Scoop spoons have been great to help teach Johnny to feed himself and the soft ridges are gentle on gums but keep soft foods from flying off. 

The whole range is dishwasher safe, and easy to store and I have already recommended it to all my friends.


Liane reviews the Fisher-Price Feeding Range

Fisher-Price Feeding Range

Soft Grip Spoons – RRP £4.99
Heat Sensitive Bowls - RRP £9.99 for a 4 pack
Stack N Store Sippy Cup - RRP £4.99

Oliver loves the bright colours and instantly picked up one of the cute vegetable design soft grip spoons.  He handled it easily and managed to get it into his mouth first time, although he did prefer chewing the soft handle after that! 

The heat sensitive bowls make warming food much less of a guessing game which is great, but Oliver can tolerate quite warm foods so sometimes the food was a bit too lukewarm for him. 

Fisher-Price Feeding Range

The easy Stack & Store cups are a great idea as my cupboard is overflowing with cups, and Oliver quickly took to holding the handles and drinking from the cup himself – just waiting for him to tip the cup up himself.

Overall the range is really helping Oliver become more independent at mealtimes.


Donna and Hannah

Donna reviews the Fisher-Price Feeding Range

Fisher-Price Feeding Range

My First Sippy Cup - RRP £4.99
Heat Sensitive Bowls – RRP £9.99 for 3 pack
Learn To Scoop Spoons – RRP £4.99 for 4 pack
Reviewing at 8 months

The new Fisher-Price feeding range is so colourful and bright that Hannah is immediately drawn to it at mealtimes, and I love how easy it is to clean up after. 

The My First Sippy Cup is well designed, easy to hold and is just the right size for Hannah. We also love the 3 heat sensitive bowls with the rubber handles and colour changing feature.

Hannah tests the Fisher-Price Feeding Range

Hannah is just starting to learn to hold a spoon so the Learn to Scoop spoons are great for self-feeding. They are soft and flexible making them very gentle on a teething baby’s mouth.

I do find they work better on stodgy foods rather than puree. I would definitely recommend these products to other mums.


Jess reviews the NEW Fisher-Price Feeding Range, including the 3-in-1 Spout Sippy Cup, Multi Grip Suction Plates and Learn to Scoop Spoons

Age at time of testing: seven to nine months

Mila has developed a healthy appetite, so the feeding range has been really useful.

The Sippy cup (around £4.50) has two sturdy handles for her little hands to grab, and you can vary the flow with the different spouts.

Mila enjoying her meal

Mila’s eating with her hands more now and the plates (around £9.99) attach firmly to her high chair tray – great for when she's older and you don’t want your food ending up on the floor!

With non-slip rubber handles, the ridged design of the spoons (around £4.99) makes food less likely to fall off and I'm sure it won't be long before she's using them herself.

Even after washing the items every day in the dishwasher, they look brand new.


Lisa and Camilla

Lisa Palompo reviews the NEW Fisher-Price Feeding Range, including the Stack and Store Sippy Cup, Multi Grip Suction Set and Soft Grip Spoons

Age at time of testing: 10 months

The bold primary colours of the feeding set are so eye catching and grab Camilla’s attention instantly at mealtime.

The clever and easy stacking design of the cup set (around £7.49) is brilliant, and a real spacer saver, while the plastic spoons (around £4.99) are strong but soft on her tender gums.

She likes to chew them when she’s finished her meal, too, which is great for teething.

Camilla enjoying her Sippy Cup

The suckers on the bowl and plate (around £9.99) are perfect for helping Camilla feed herself – they safely stick to the highchair and thankfully are impossible for her to remove. Plus, the whole set is dishwasher safe. Genius! We’ll use the range for years to come.


Sarah Howard reviews the NEW Fisher-Price Feeding Range, including the 2 Grip Travel Sippy Cup, Tote Along Snacker and On-the-go Fork and Spoon Set

Age at time of testing: 12 months

Now Mia is one, her independence is growing each day. I love this set, because the pieces are so easy for Mia to hold and use by herself.

She particularly likes the snack holder (around £4.99) and reaching through the flaps to get her food. It’s ideal when we’re out, because there’s no mess to clear up.

Mia having her lunch

Fitting in my change bag as well as cup holders, the sippy cup (around £4.49) grows with your child – at the moment Mia prefers holding onto the handles but won’t need to as she gets bigger.

The fork and spoon set (around £2.99) will be used more as she gets the hang on self-feeding, although even now she can easily pick them up.

I’m recommending this range to all of my friends.


Lauren Gallagher reviews the NEW Fisher-Price Feeding Range, including the Heat Sensitive Bowls, On the Go Fork & Spoon Set and 2 Grip Travel Sippy cup

Age at time of testing: 11 months

What I love most about this range is the design of the products – everything’s lightweight, and so easy to use and clean.

Sofia’s favourite is the travel Sippy cup (around £4.99), which folds away and doesn’t leak, no matter how much it’s tipped upside down! I’m so impressed with it.

Sofia reviews the NEW Fisher-Price feeding range

Meanwhile the heat-sensitive bowls (around £7.99) are ideal for making sure your baby’s food is at the right temperature – and Sofia likes the bright colours, which help keep her engaged at mealtimes.

And we’ve found that the fork and spoon set (around £2.99) is perfect for travelling as it’s so compact.

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