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The Summer Essentials You Need In Your Handbag

Section: Shopping Ideas
Off for a day trip to the seaside or just to the park for the afternoon? Having baby summer essentials to hand can be a real life-saver. So say Hola! to the cheat sheet must-haves that every mum needs for the sunny weather.
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This Works First Aid Roll-On, £16,

A true mumbag essential, This Works' handy First Aid roll-on soothes and heals itches, bites and burns on the go.
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Angel Perfuming Deodorant Roll On, £21,

Instead of a fragile perfume bottle, pack a handy roll-on - it's not as likely to spill or break and it takes up less space in amongst all the toys too – perfect for mums on the run.
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Jackson Reece, Kinder By Nature Unscented Baby Wipes, £2,

Wet Wipes are a must-have for any mum, from cleaning sticky hands and faces after ice cream, to cleansing cuts and grazes with antiseptic.
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All-In-One BB Crème, £39.50,

In amongst the snotty tissues and boxes of raisins in your handbag, there’s still room for you. Forget heavy foundation this summer, as it can feel like too much on a holiday - a BB cream is a lighter, subtler (and quicker) alternative for mums.
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Swim & Play Kids Sun Lotion, £10,

There’s no need to constantly pause the picnic games to re-apply your kids’ suncream if you choose the right lotion that gives long lasting protection for children’s delicate skin.
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Koolpak Instant Ice Pack, £3, www.

Specially designed for kids, Koolpak’s instant ice pack is ideal for when you’re out and about, quickly relieving toddlers’ everyday bumps and bruises and soothing the pain of tantrum-induced headache. They are instantly activated and ideal for cooling down your tot on a hot day.
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Burt’s Bee Baby Bee Dusting Powder, £6.99,

As well as keeping your little one’s skin super soft, help get rid of unwanted sand by rubbing a little baby powder onto the skin. The powder absorbs moisture, helping to ward off the grainy stuff this summer.
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Giselle Cat Eye Corner Sunglasses, £6,

Super sunnies are every mum’s most wardrobe-defining summer accessory. Opt for black oversized frames which will disguise those sleepless nights and make you feel like you’re movie-star material.
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Monkey Legionnaire’s Hat £7-£8,

You can never provide too many layers of sun protection for your baby, and sun hats that protect the ears and neck area as well are perfect for a sunny day.
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Peppa Pig Plasters Family Pack, £2.50,

We never know when our toddler will take a tumble so these Peppa Pig plasters are perfect to cover grazes, cuts, stopping infections – and stop your little one from wanting to pull it off!
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