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The Toy Factor – What’s Important To You?

Section: Shopping Ideas

When it comes to playtime, the majority of mums rate classic toys over the latest smart device game

If you want to get your baby laughing, swap your iPad for something a bit more traditional during playtime. That’s the verdict of three in four mums, who reckon their child’s happiest with classic toys over smart device games.

The poll of 1,515 UK mums by family research specialists Childwise together with Fisher-Price also highlighted that only one per cent think it’s important for a toy to be high tech – the biggest factor for 82% is simply choosing something fun that also has some educational plus points.

The top toy features that tick the get-baby-laughing box? Look for movement, silly sounds, music, talking and funny faces. Which, let’s be honest, are pretty big parts of your own comic repertoire where your little one’s concerned. Cue your perfectly honed farmyard impressions.

‘There’s lots of pressure nowadays on parents to ensure their baby’s at the “right” stage of development,’ says Childwise Managing Director James Davies.

‘But as long as there’s enough time in your baby’s day for play, then you’ll be giving him the opportunity to develop who he is and learn about the world around him at his own natural pace.’

Find out some simple ways to encourage your baby’s physical and brain development through play.

What toys get your baby giggling? Let us know below.

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