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A good night’s sleep for your toddler means a good night’s sleep for you too, with any luck. So, stock up on essentials that will make your bedtime easy
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Dream Tubes, £39.99, Hippychick

Forget monsters – if the bump in the night in your home is your toddler falling out of bed, try these. Simply inflate the tubes and pop them in the specially designed sheet, so he has a safe, comfortable barrier.
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Baby Sleep Pillow Spray, £16, This Works

Natural beauty brand This Works has redesigned their famous pillow spray so that it’s safe and gentle for your toddler, too. Spritz your child’s pillows with this lightly lavender fragranced spray to help him drift off naturally.
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Boon Glo Balls, Around £46.45, Boon Inc

If your toddler is afraid of the dark, setting up a night light is one of the easiest solutions to his no-sleep problem. This multi-coloured and interactive light has illuminated Glo balls that won’t get warm and won’t break – your toddler can even cuddle them in bed. After 30 minutes the lights will fade to dark, helping your child fall asleep gently.
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Sleep Aid, £38.95, Cloud-b

These super cute and soft sheep and owl sensors play four white noise options to help your toddler drift off. The sounds will stop once your toddler is asleep and start up again should he stir. Plus, the toys have removable sound boxes and are machine-washable – ideal for mums!
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My First Snuggle Sac Dalmation, £35, Snuggle Sac

Created to keep your sleeping toddler from kicking his bed covers onto the floor, this sleep bag has the seal of approval from Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic. It’s available in some brilliant designs, too.
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Night Glow Stickers, Around £16, Pabobo

Spend a fun afternoon with your toddler decorating his walls with these fun character stickers. When the lights go out at night, the stickers will glow slightly, revealing new small drawings that will comfort your child. Plus, the stickers are easy to reposition should you want to decorate.
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Gro To Bed, £49.99, The Gro Company

From the people behind the famous Grobag baby sleep bag comes a clever range of stay-on bedding, available in lots of different styles and colours. It’s an all-in-one duvet cover, bottom sheet and pillow case set with zips to keep it all in place and to stop your little one rolling out of bed.

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