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Tommee Tippee sale has gone live on Amazon and you do not want to miss it

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Tommee Tippee sale

There's nothing we love more than a bargain, especially when it's bits that we can buy for our babies. So, when we heard that there was going to be a Tommee Tippee sale on Amazon, we were over the moon. 

Parenting product expert Tommee Tippee has a wide range of baby goodies from bottles to monitors, and so much more.


While we knew that its whole range wouldn’t be up for grabs on Amazon, there was definitely going to be some bargain buys to be had!

Nevertheless, this Tommee Tippee sale is out of this world and we love the fact that many of these products have been shortlisted for Mother&Baby Awards over the years. 

Whether you're looking for a new baby sleeping bag or soother, this sale has it all. Here are our favourite bits in the Tommee Tippee sale on Amazon. 

The best Tommee Tippee products in the Amazon sale

Did you know that these bottles from Tommee Tippee won our 2019 Gold Best Bottle Feeding Product award? We love the fact that it was designed with breastfeeding experts and will help you to switch from breast to the bottle easier than ever before. 

One of our expert mum reviewers' had this to say, "I have tried other brands and these are the only ones my children have accepted straight away. They are a fantastic design with the teets shaped to replicate the breast. They are very soft so they are perfect for newborns. The bottle comes with a teet cover which is ideal for when you are travelling or premaking a feed."

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Help your baby snuggle up with this adorable grobag. Not only is the pink design gorgeous, but it's also made from soft cotton which will feel great on their skin and is machine washable. Plus, it has an easy zip opening so that you can do a quick change in the night. 

An enthusiastic parent had this to say, "I love it! Since using this my five-week-old daughter has been sleeping 9pm to 5am without waking up. She seems to love it and seems so content wearing it. Highly recommend!"

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Let us throw it back to 2014 - it was the year when this baby monitor was shortlisted for the best baby monitor awards here at Mother&Baby. And, for good reason too as it boasts incredible features like long-distance range and digital enhanced cordless technology (better known as DECT) for interference-free monitoring.

Rebecca, one of our expert reviewers' had this to say about testing the monitor out on Leonora, her six month-year-old, "The video quality is superb. The audio is very sensitive – I could hear Leonora breathing."

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Are you looking for a new dummy for your child? It's perfect for little ones' aged 0-6 months, and we think it's brilliant that it supports natural oral development.

A reviewer on Amazon said, "These baby soothers are great at night time, they glow in the dark which helps you find them when my baby is trying to get back to sleep, or something unsettles them, the baby soother comes in packs of two and both glow in the dark, each soother has a little picture on it.

"It helps massively especially when your rooms in darkness and you don’t want to put a bright light on and unsettle baby even more just look for the glow in the dark part, and it’s right there."

For more recommendations, read our piece on the best dummies for breastfed babies. 

If you're looking for a multi-functional Moses basket, then you've found it. This incredible product from Tommee Tippee ticks all the right boxes like being safe for your child as well as incredible functionalities like having over 300 air holes along the side and base, allowing max airflow to help regulate your little one's temperature and allow for breathability. 

Katy, one of our expert mum reviewers' had this to say, "The basket arrives ready assembled, which is a big perk, but this reminded me of a laundry basket! The handles are integrated, making it very secure for moving with you around the house. One benefit of the material used is that it would be incredibly easy to clean in the event of any little accidents! The stand took some time to assemble, but the result is a nice strong frame with a useful rocking motion."

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Back in 2017, the Tommee Tippee Express & Go was shortlisted in the Mother&Baby Awards. However, the Express and Go Breast Milk Starter Kit is incredible and has features like the pre-sterilised express and go pouch, which stands out from other options on the market. You will use this to express, store, warm and feed!

An Amazon reviewer said, "This set is great. I already have the main pump. It's easy to assemble and great that it can be used with other branded pumps out there today. Gone back to work now so this is just super handy. Thank you."

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Are you breastfeeding? Give yourself long lasting protection with this fantatsic nipple cream. Made from avocado oil, beeswax and shea butter, this is safe for both mum and baby.

A revewier on Amazon said, "This cream is fantastic! I was a bit sceptical as everyone always recommends Lansinoh, but I wanted something lanolin free. I am so pleased with it. It’s a cream rather than ointment, really moisturising and soothing. Kept skin soft. Will be buying again."

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