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Unisex Nursery Décor: The Quick Fixes You Need To Know

Speedy ways to create a new-look nursery whether you’re having a boy or girl - or just want to update your toddler’s room

Your diary is bursting and your to-do list feels like it’s never getting done. What will be your baby’s nursery is still an uninspiring spare room (now that you’ve run out of time for creating a lovingly hand-painted bunny mural) and, anyway, you don’t even know if you’re having a boy or girl.
Relax. Our inspiring ideas for unisex nurseries can be put together in a single afternoon (and there’s not so much as a hint of beige. Promise).

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Choose A Bold Colour Cot

A bold cot in a primary colour works well for both genders, and adds a striking focal point to a neutral room. We heart the Izziwotnot Skyline Cot (£299, You can also add bright touches with multicoloured lanterns and bunting. They’ll create an instant baby-friendly feel – and your newborn will love looking at them as her eyesight develops. Visit for a selection, which can be personalised. Or get creative and make some!

Bloom Alma Cot, £490,

Make A Feature

Feature walls and graphic stripes turn a boring box room into a baby boudoir with a difference. Pick out complementary paint shades or wallpaper to create a statement look. If you don’t have time to decorate, just invest in a colourful rug.

Stripe rug, £89,

New Ways To Do Neutral

If you want a calming but quirky space, stick to a palette of pale colours, such as grey, eggshell blue and cream, teamed with wooden floors and eclectic furniture. Clever use of pictures, such as antique maps (you’ll find a wealth at, black-and-white photographs and vintage prints, add real charm to a pared-back room. (see main pic at top)

It’s OK To Clash Colours

Mix it up and clash colours together – traditional pink and blue, brights and pastels – to create a nursery that turns tradition on its head. Keep the walls and floor simple, and use furniture to add pops of colour. Revamp existing pieces by adding a coat of paint, or Ikea has two inexpensive and colourful kids’ ranges (Mammut and Stuva, that create the same feel. Contemporary artworks add an edge, too – browse on for inexpensive canvas prints.

Pic: Loupe Images

An All White Nursery

Take your baby’s room back to basics, and start with white walls and floor as a blank canvas. Add a simple portable cot (£559, and plain wood or white shelving units. The colour and character of the room will come from your child’s toys and keepsakes, which will collect as she grows.

White shelves, £269,

Wall Art

Even parents with zero artistic talent can transform a room with wall stickers. They are super-easy to apply, and can be removed without any fuss, as your baby grows and her tastes evolve. Visit and

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