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Urgent recall: The Mothercare ‘Loved So Much’ bouncer

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Mothercare bouncer recall

Baby supermarket giant Mothercare have urgently recalled their ‘Loved So Much’ baby bouncers, following reports that a 10-week-old baby slipped through and cracked his head on the floor.

Mum Kelsea told the Manchester Evening News her 10-week-old son River ‘literally just fell through , hitting his head extremely hard on the laminate flooring. He was screaming. I rang 999 straight away. He did fall asleep for around 10 minutes and we were unable to wake him.’

Thankfully baby River is now ok, yet has been left with a dent in his head that will be corrected as his head reshapes as he grows.

What models are affected in the recall?

Mothercare have apologised to Kelsea after the event, but have gone on to recall the ‘Loved So Much’ bouncer, releasing the following statement:

‘Mothercare is undertaking a voluntary recall of the Mothercare Loved So Much bouncer due to a risk of injury when using a bouncer that has been assembled incorrectly.

In the event of incorrect assembly there is a risk that the fabric seat unit could become detached from the frame, which could result in a child falling through. The bouncer was sold in Mothercare stores and on the website.’

The bouncers affected have a batch date of 12/2015 onwards and will have a barcode ending in 843611-3. If you do have one of these bouncers, Mothercare advise you stop using the product immediately and return it to any store for a full refund. 


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