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Which parenting bits to buy this month, according to Team M&B!

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One of the many perks of working in M&B towers (apart from the cake, obv)  means we get to try lots of new parenting gear as soon as they hit the shelves. 
We try so many baby bits, new mum savours and pregnancy products meaning when we say we like something, oh we really like it!

We've added all our the bits we are loving this month, to help you decide what's *actually* worth spending your money on. 

From Gro-Clocks to clever SPFs: here's everything the M&B team is loving this month!

Carly Hurd, Art Editor

This month Carly is loving Filorga's Anti-Ageing Sun Fluid SPF50+ (£21, Amazon) 

After searching all summer long(!) for a face cream that has a high SPF protection that isn’t greasy or shiny, I have now discovered Filorga UV Bronze face cream.

My pregnancy-related Melasma peaked during my third pregnancy, and I have since been left with a permanent discolouration on my forehead and cheekbones. Summer months are a nightmare as any slight sun exposure makes it significantly worse.

With a high SPF50+, this made a huge difference to my facial Melasma, and I am really pleased to have found a face cream that nourishes my face, as well as protects it from any more sun exposure!

Karen Warren, Production Editor


This month Karen is loving the Captain Quench water bottle by Nuby!

Sippy cups don’t seem to last a minute in our house, either lost within weeks or banished to the back of the cupboard in disgrace after leaking! So we loved these new Captain Quench cups from Nûby, with their dentist-approved, soft-flex spouts. They’re extra resistant to dropping, too, and no-spill when the cover is closed – so no more soggy school bags. Win! My two loved the range of colourful designs to choose from.

Emily Thorpe, Writer

This month Emily is loving Feminists Don't Wear Pink (and other lies) by Scarlett Curtis!

Curated by writer Scarlett Curtis, Feminists Don’t Wear Pink is a collection of writing from 52 inspirational women on what feminism means to them. It’s an incredibly thought-provoking read that I’ll be passing on to all the women in my life.

Particular favourites of mine are Bridget Jones’ Feminism Today Diary by Helen Fielding (because who doesn’t love Bridget?) and Keira Knightley’s raw account of birth and motherhood. Each essay is only a few pages long so perfect to pick up and put down while your baby naps! Better yet, 10 per cent of the RRP goes to the Girl Up, an initiative to support adolescent girls in developing countries.


Catriona Watson, Online Editorial Assistant

This month Catriona is loving Neutrogena's Norwegian formula hand cream!

Now that the cold weather really is on its way, I look down and out of nowhere, my hands are dry, red and sore. I have tried so many different creams in the past from cute, gimmicky G&T scented hand creams to medically prescribed formulas and found nothing ever worked. I had just accepted my hands would look like my 94-year-old nans during the winter months.

My mum first bought me a tube of this and I couldn't get over how good it was! I tend to put it on at night because it can be a little greasy (they do a fast absorbing one too!) but it is a WONDER product and leaves my hands beautifully baby soft for days. It is perfect for busy mums who are out in the cold running errands or constantly washing their hands to keep them and their baby hygienic. I am sure it would work on your little one's dry skin too!


Maria Reyes, Marketing Director

This month Maria is loving the Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer by The Gro Company!

I’ve been blessed with a cheeky, happy, healthy boy, that it’s also very much a morning person. And when I say morning, I don’t mean 8 in the morning, more like 5 am ready to take on the world with the energy of a tornado! Now, how do you explain a 2-year-old that is already wide awake to go back to sleep for another two hours? I did lots of research and tried everything, including warm milk before bed, skipping nap times, moving his bedtime by an hour, blackout blinds – NOTHING WORKED! Until on the last attempt I found the Gro-Clock and all my sleeping prayers were answered.

The Gro-Clock is a clock that it’s very simple for a toddler to understand because it has a star symbolizing night time, and a bright yellow sun symbolizing the daytime. The beauty is that you set the time for the sun to “rise”. During the first week, we made a point to say ‘good night’ to the sun and hello to the star when he was going to bed, and the clock even comes with a bedtime story that helps you explain what’s going on. It took some time and dedication to get him to understand not to get out of bed before the sun came out, but that extra hour in bed was totally worth it, so we kept on with it and it worked!

It not only has helped us starting our days at a more reasonable time, but also has helped him build his confidence by making him more independent. Even if he wakes up at night, he just needs to look at the clock to know that he needs to go back to sleep, or just lay down and relax until the sun comes up. It’s a gamechanger that I would totally recommend to anybody that’s struggling with little morning balls of energy like me.

Pro-tip: learn how to use the ‘key-lock option’, otherwise the little tinkers will press enough buttons to get the sunrise at whatever time they feel...

Sian Daly, Marketing Executive 

This month Sian is loving Snoozy by myHummy

Anybody with a new-born baby knows finding something that helps (or prolongs) their baby’s sleep is top of the mummy-wish-list! This wonderful piece of witchcraft does just that!

Using white-noise to get your baby to sleep is nothing new, and with popular items on the market already like Ewan the dream sheep myHummy’s product is nothing out-of-the-ordinary, except for one significant factor – myHummy is noise activated with a special sleep sensor; so we can enjoy that precious 15 minutes extra in bed without needing to run back-and-forth switching it on when our little one stirs!  

Emily Fedorowycz, SEO Executive

This month Emily is loving Ewan The Dream Sheep by Sweet Dreamers!

Apparently, Ewan makes ‘pink noise’ - sounds combined with a heartbeat that's meant to remind the baby of being in the womb - which is really cute and apparently does work! This product is also multi-award winning and has a number of other benefits from easing colic to attachable functionality, meaning it can be attached to cot bars, car seats and buggies. My baby cousin loves it - as does mum! My cousin Heidi told me, “He plays noises like the rain, a hoover or a lullaby with a heartbeat and it relaxes the babies and helps them sleep. Apparently being in a silent room can stop them falling asleep as they’re used to having background noise. I find it quite relaxing too!”

Kimberley Robertson-Hunt, Commercial manager 


This month Kimberly is loving blueberry & organic mango bubble bath by Childs Farm!

Not only does it smell absolutely gorgeous, but both my boys love the packaging and my one year old always asks me for the flying horsey so bath time is no problem at all…getting them out of it however is. Childs Farm can you help with this?

Clare Bradley, Product Executive 

This month Clare is loving the hip-hop children's book AB to Jay Z!

If you haven’t been distracted with Wonky Donkey lately, maybe it’s time for a new book for the little one. I discovered this little gem from Katherine Ryan, Comedian and TV Personality, who posted about it on her Instagram.

When sharing my find with the office, I uncovered those with a secret love of rap and Hip Hop Music who were already familiar with the book. If you are after a fun way of educating your Lil’ Kid and not just about there ABC’s then this book is for you.

Illustration by Erin Aniker

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