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Woodsy Friends Comfy Time Bouncer

Section: Shopping Ideas

It surrounds baby in the comfy, cosiest fabrics with a deep seat design that gives them a wonderfully secure feeling.

Ages: Birth – 12kg/25lbs
Category: Baby Bouncer

Donna reviews the Woodsy Friends Comfy Time Bouncer

The Woodsy Friends Comfy Time Bouncer, priced at £39.99, includes calming vibrations and deep seat design. Our mum, Donna, 29, reviewed it with her 12-week-old baby, Gabriella. Here's what she thought:

As bouncers go, the Fisher Price Comfy Time Bouncer is probably one of the more basic on the market but is also at the cheaper end of the price range.

My husband found it slightly fiddly to put together and our first impression was that it was a bit flimsy. It is a fairly compact, portable and comfortable chair that vibrates and has a removable arch across the front with toys that hang down.

The chair has nice, contrasting colours and the hanging toys were in a good position for the baby to play with. The straps are easy to use and my daughter seemed content while she was sitting in it, captivated by the toys.

It is just a shame that I couldn't add more toys on to the arch. The arch is removable which is good as it can also be used as a chair for weaning. I thought the chair was very good value and my daughter certainly seemed engaged and to like it!

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