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Your Must-Read Baby Buy Glossary

Don’t know your ISOFIX from your Umbrella Fold? Get up to speed with baby equipment jargon with our handy glossary – and make shopping much easier


Confusing acronym. But all this mess is a system where a car seat is attached directly to the car chassis via anchor parts, rather than just using the seatbelt.  All cars built after 2006 have these ‘plugs’, but you often have to buy a base for the car seat to slot into, so they can be a more expensive option.

Travel System

A travel system is basically a pram that uses a Group 0+ car seat, which can detach, making getting around with your baby – and all the kit – much easier. The car seat clips on top of the pram chassis, so you can transfer your baby from car to pushchair and back with minimal disturbance. Handy if your baby dozes off during car journeys or after a brisk walk around the shops.

To find out more about Travel Systems click here.


This is a tapered, (often) quilted, accessory that is designed to fit over the foot of a car seat or stroller to help keep your baby warm. Some footmuffs also have a water-resistant fabric – great when it's raining.

Bumper Bar

A bumper bar provides babies with something to hold onto when in a pram or pushchair. Look out for one that can be removed when you take baby out. It’s a great place to put toys, too.

Umbrella Fold

An umbrella fold pushchair is a lightweight, quick to fold, go anywhere pushchair, so called because it folds up into a long thin shape very much like a golf brolly.

Tandem Pushchair

A double pushchair has one seat behind the other, and works best if you have children of different ages.

Twin Pushchair

A double pushchair that has seats side by side, as the name suggests, its ideal for children of a same or similar age.

Convertible Pushchair

Innovative pushchairs that can be used in single mode that can convert in to a double by buying and attaching an extra seat.

Car Seat Adaptors

These adaptors make it possible for different types of Group 0+ car seats to be slotted onto a pram chassis. An alternative to the travel system.

Cot bed

A cot bed is larger than a regular cot, and can be turned into a toddler bed by removing the sides. For some, that makes the extra expense a wise investment.

Group 0+ Car Seat

Suitable from birth to 12/15 months (or 13kg). These models are always rear facing.

Group 1 Car Seat

Suitable from approximately nine months to four years (or 9-18kg). These are usually front facing but there are now a few rear facing models available.

Group 1,2,3 Car Seat

Suitable from approximately 9 months to 12 years (or 9-36kg). These models are always forward facing.

Group 2,3 Car Seat

Suitable from approximately 4-12 years (or 15-36 kg). These models are always forward facing.
Your child has to legally use a car seat until age 12 or they reach 135cm – whichever happens first.


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