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smarTrike toddler travel tips for a successful vacation

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smarTrike toddler travel tips for a successful vacation

If you’re starting to plan (and panic) about getting away on your summer hols with a feisty toddler in tow then we’ve got a few little smarTrike tips on how to make it fun for everyone and make your life easier – whether you’re off to the countryside for the week or planning a staycation enjoy keeping your toddler occupied with “active play on the go” and your smarTfold compact folding trike.

These tips might just turn your little one from feisty toddler to little adventurer that’s so engaged with having fun while they are out that they forget all about negotiating with you on every tiny detail of the outing.

smarTfold trikes are a range of compact folding trikes by smarTrike that fold up so small they can easily fit in any car and are perfect for families on the go. You’ll love using them as much as your little one.


Ready. Get set. Go!

When your baby is young it is optimal to have them parent facing and engage in continuous eye to eye contact. Once they hit a certain age they enjoy sitting forward facing and experiencing what it feels like to move forward and “get places”. Sitting forward facing in a smarTrike tricycle opens up a whole new world of discovery for them.

Game: Get your baby (as young as 9 months old) to place their hands on the handlebar and practice steering while you are having fun racing forward at intervals. The handlebar can be adjusted closer to the baby so they can easily reach it. It moves from side to side freely, while the parent remains in full steering control of the trike, so you can still get where you need to go.


Wide-eye view

There’s a big wide world out there and your baby wants to know all about it! Sitting in a trike offers them an unrestricted and wide-eye view of the world around them. They get to feel more a part of what’s going on around them and it’s an optimal time to encourage curiosity and learning.

Game: Eye Spy – it’s an old family favourite for a reason, it’s a great way to keep your toddler engaged in their surroundings and offers you an opportunity to teach them new words or to help them learn the ABC’s. For younger babies point out an object and say the name “Eye spy with my little eye…. A tree! Yes that’s right, it’s a tree!”.

smarTrike toddler travel tips for a successful vacation


Playtime on the go

Our little ones pick up on everything we do and one of things we love doing while we are out and about in new places or enjoying a family outing is taking pictures. How many times has your little one tried to grab the phone from you or insist on taking their own pictures? Your little one has a great view of the world from their trike so encourage the interaction!

Game: Hang a toy camera, view finder or binoculars from the safety bar of the trike and encourage your little adventurer to zoom in on specific items around them, taking pictures or searching for landmarks through their camera or view finder.


Developing new skills

Keep your feisty toddler active and help their development while you’re on the go. Sitting comfortably in your smarTrike, your little adventurer can practice pedalling while you’re on the go, just like they can do with the handlebar steering. Practicing pedalling and steering helps improve balance and motor skills in preparation for independent riding. It also encourages discovery and independence.

Game: Fun for the toddler and convenient for you! The pedals on smarTrike tricycle have 2 settings; ‘Practice’ and ‘freewheeling’. Make sure you are in parent control mode of the trike and adjust the pedals to practice mode. Your toddler will love experiencing what it is like to pedal and move forward all whilst improving their balance, motor skills and coordination, ready for independent riding. They’ll be totally engaged with what they are doing while you manage to get from point A to B without any hold ups.  


The steering challenge

OK, this one is for you… just in case you have time on your hands. smarTrike trikes are effortless to steer thanks to the smarTrike patented Touch Steering® system. You can easily steer and maneuver the trike with one-hand. Just touch the parent handle and the trike will effortlessly and intuitively glide in the direction you want to go. Zero effort and you’re right on track!

Game: Practice steering with one hand and graduate down to using different finger combinations. After you have mastered the one-hand maneuver (it will take you all of 2 seconds) experiment with different finger combinations to work out which one is best for you. At the same time drink a coffee or talk on your phone using your other hand.



For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of the “Grow with Me” tricycle, head over to for product information, UK retailers and available models.

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