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The smarTrike fun way to get your toddler out the house

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The smarTrike fun way to get your toddler out the houseIt’s amazing to watch your child develop from a newborn to a toddler but it comes with many challenges too. As your baby starts to become more inquisitive and truly take notice of the world around them going out and about suddenly becomes more of a mission.

Forget remembering to pack the bottles, making sure you have enough nappies and change of clothes for explosive poop or mashed carrot messy eating. Now you also have to deal with a semi-independent human who resists getting in and out of the car seat and gets easily bored sitting in the stroller. What’s more, they let you know about it, and everyone around you!

This is where the new range of smarTfold trikes by smarTrike come into play. Conveniently designed so you can fold and unfold them in seconds, the trikes come with a host of other beneficial features to make you and your growing child’s life more easy to manage and more fun, whether you’re doing the school run, heading to the park or darting around the shopping centre. The trikes are also good for improving motor skills, balance and coordination as well as encouraging a sense of adventure and discovery.

Here are some of the best features we think are worth sharing with you.

Easy Assembly: Well, actually it’s more like no assembly. smarTfold trikes come assembled, depending on the age of your child you just need to click on the front wheel or the pedals.

Compact and easy to fold: smarTfold compact folding trikes fold up compactly without having to dismantle any parts. It’s one of the only range of trikes on the market that you can fold intact. In 3 easy steps the trike folds or unfolds and is ready to go.

Easy to transport, easy to store: All smarTfold trikes come with a storage cover that can be used to protect the trike from getting dirty or scuffed on longer trips or from gathering dust when not in use. The parent handle can extend while the trike is folded so you can wheel it to transport it rather than carrying it.

Smooth and easy maneuvering: smarTrike trikes are the only trikes in the world with patented shock absorbers and Touch Steering technology. This means the ride is smooth and comfortable for the child and steering is intuitive and easy. So easy in fact that you can steer and maneuver the trike with only one hand, just like you would a good quality stroller.

Versatility: The concept of “Grow with Me” is at the core of all smarTrike products and the smarTfold range is no different. smarTfold trikes grow with the child from a young age (as young as 6 months on some models) and transform through 7 or 8 different stages, adapting alongside the age and development of your child. This means a toddler of 36 months will enjoy using it as much as a 10 month old. The trikes easily switches from parent to child control and there is also a practice mode that allows your child to practice steering and pedalling while you remain in control of the actual steering.

There is a smarTfold model for everyone: There are various smarTfold models and colours available in the UK. The premium smarTfold 700 (6M+) has the added value of being able to parent face or forward face and comes with 4 different footrest options. There is also the 600, 500, 400 and 300PLUS models across various price points and features to consider

If you are looking for a baby product that is convenient for parents and much more fun for the child then smarTfold might just be for you. You can find out more on the range here at or visit Argos or Smyths.