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Time for a nappy change with Asda's Little Angels?

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Time for a nappy change with Asda's Little Angels?Whether this is your first little angel or you’ve been on this journey before, we know how important your first pack of nappies can be to you and your baby. The average baby has their nappy changed 4,500 times - that's a lot of nappies... so choose wisely! That’s why our super-soft Little Angels newborn range is there to support you through this important milestone.


Our 0-2 size nappies feature a special, contoured design with a delicate cut out in the belly button area to provide an additional level of comfort and protection for your baby, as Newborn skin can be very sensitive especially in this area until fully healed. Oh, and our elasticated leg cuffs and flexi-fit design do a great job of helping prevent leaks – meaning you might not have as many messy outfit changes to make!


We know that you might be well organized and have already bought a pack of nappies before your little angel has even arrived. Because babies come in all shapes and sizes, if you realize that you need a different nappy size, just bring your unopened Little Angels Newborn nappies to your local Asda store and we’ll happily replace them with a different size!


Little Angels is also very proud to be the first own label nappy range in the UK to be awarded dermatological accreditation by the Skin Health Alliance. A Skin Health Alliance accreditation ensures that Little Angels nappies have been tested to meet rigorous Skin Health Alliance criteria, it means they're skin-safe and that all claims are evidenced by robust scientific and clinical research.


…As your baby grows, how do you know if you need to move up a size? Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. On our Newborn and Comfort & Protect range, our unique colour-coded waistband helps you know when it’s time for your baby to use a bigger size!


"In my opinion, Little Angels Newborn nappies are a must have product and a necessity" - mum, Nikki Burge

"The packaging easily explains what size and age of baby they're suitable for. I adore these nappies!" - mum, Sarah Hare

"They don't feel like a supermarket product and when you factor in the cost of them too it's amazing! We are definitely converted in this house" - mum, Emma Onions


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