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10 things you need to know before taking a toddler to Gulliver’s Land

Heading off to Gulliver’s Land this weekend? We’ve come up with these handy tips on how to get the most out of this fun-filled park in Milton Keynes. From the best time of year to visit, to the Princess Play Area you have to visit, check out all you need to know before taking a toddler to Gulliver’s Land!

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Wait until the schools go back

Visiting at off-peak times is the way to go, as you can have fun and explore without lengthy queues at every attraction. Off peak, you’ll only have to queue for around four minutes on average.
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Move on if there’s a crowd

When it comes to Gulliver’s Railroad Train, everyone wants a go. The train carries a maximum of 20 passengers and takes eight minutes to get round the whole park – so it’s always overcrowded. Rather than waiting, head over to the Rio Bravo train hidden away in the Discovery Bay area (just a two min walk away) for a much shorter queue.
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Pop into the information centre

It’s just to the right of the main entrance and they can tell you all the shows and appearances that are on that day. All the entertainment aims to have your little one in fits of giggles. You can also pick up a sticker to write your phone number on and stick slyly on your youngster’s back for extra safety!
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Bring an adult for each child if you can

There are not many ride-alone rides for children, most require an adult to ride as well, which means you need enough grown-ups to go round! The mini play areas next to each ride ensure that little ones can play whilst you queue. So while you’re waiting to ride on the Flying Texan Boots, your toddler can be busy in the Western play-town, swinging through the saloon doors or getting locked up in jail. 
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Experience stress-free soft play

You will find this in the candy-coloured Tiny Tots Play Area in Lilliput Land. With an illuminated slide and rocking boat, the area is staffed, taking the onus off you. Only little ones under 1m tall are allowed. 
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Eat lunch early

The catering facilities get busy so make sure you get there in time. The sandwich counter in the main castle has Tots Boxes full of favourites. Or if you’re bringing a picnic, enjoy it in the grassy area opposite the entrance to Gully Town. Also, it’s handy to know there is a mums’ feeding room between the main entrance and Gulliver’s Railroad Train with a microwave and a bench. 
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Pop into the Whispering Woods

Take the Fairy Trail through these magical woods to turn all your toddler’s worries into wishes. Scan the QR code for an interactive map of the trail, and make sure you eavesdrop at the point he has to tell the fairies his worries.
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Seek out the Princess Play Area

It’s up on the ramparts of Lilliput Castle but the ramped entrance can be difficult to spot, so it’s often deserted. Look just opposite the Gulliver’s Travels ride and you’ll see it. Inside it’s full of slides, talking knights and turrets galore! Watch out for Little Red Riding Hood’s Wolf as he’s pretty creepy.
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Need to take five?

There’s a big fenced sandpit at the entrance to the Western World that’s great for some downtime. Otherwise, the Jungle River Ride is a relaxing bob past huge elephants and other animal friends.
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Bring your pram

Little legs are bound to get tired in Gulliver’s Land. There are buggy bays by many of the rides and the park is easily accessible. You can also hire a ‘funbuggy’ – a mini car that you can push your toddler around in – from the Guest Relations centre (right of the main entrance) for £5 a day. 



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