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Mum gives birth at 42,000 feet

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Baby born on Turkish Airlines flight

Imagine going into labour at 42,000 feet – an experience not worth thinking about for most, but the reality for new mum Nafi Diaby.

Travelling on a nine-hour flight to Istanbul, 28-year-old Nafi went into labour 11 weeks early on board a Turkish Airline flight, and successfully gave birth with help from cabin crew and fellow passengers.

The French-Ginean new mother was travelling 12,800 metres above the ground in a Boeing 737-900 when she began to feel childbirth pains.

In a statement to India Today, flight attendant Bouthayna Inanir said: ‘the mother gave birth while standing, and we received help from several passengers.’

Baby born on Turkish Airlines flight

Shortly after the safe arrival of the baby, the airline tweeted: ‘It’s a girl. Welcome on board Princess!’

The captain made an emergency landing shortly after the birth, taking the mother and baby off the plane in Ougadougosu, Burkina Faso. Before leaving the plane, the cabin crew gathered around the newest passenger, named Kadiju, and took some well-documented selfies.

Mother and baby are said to be tired, but doing well.

Baby born on Turkish Airlines flight

What are the rules about flying when pregnant?

Most airlines will allow expectant mothers to fly until they are 36 weeks pregnant, but require a signed doctor’s note from 28 weeks onwards, confirming the due date.

As this story proves, even when you’re well in the 36 weeks, your baby might decide this is the perfect time to take its first flight!

For more information about flying during pregnancy, click here. 

Images from Turkish Airlines. 


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