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The best swimming aids for babies and toddlers

Baby swimming aids

When your child is learning to swim, it’s exciting, challenging and can make for some seriously proud moments. If you've got your swimming nappies and swimsuit ready, you're probably thinking about giving them a bit more independence in the pool.

Most babies love to be in the water, but to help them feel safe and confident, it's worth investing in some baby swimming aids. If you're preparing for a trip abroad or more time in the paddling pool in the garden, there are lots of products available to help you out.

We've rounded up some of the top rated baby and toddler swimming aids on the market, so whether you're looking for a pool noodle, armbands or a swim seat, you're sure to find your perfect choice. 


This swim vest is great for keeping your little ones warm, as well as being a buoyancy aid to assist children learning to swim and gaining water confidence. It's available in sizes for 1-2 years, 2-4 years and 4-6 years, as well as seven lovely colourways. It was Shortlisted in the 2020 M&B Awards Best Travel Product Under £30 category, here's what one of our mum testers had to say:

"The Splash About’s Go Splash Swim Vest is a must for pool/beach holidays. It is quite slim when folded so it doesn’t take up much room in your luggage. Our son has been going for swimming lessons for a while however he doesn’t let his head getting wet or being in deeper water. The swim vest meant that as our holiday progressed our son’s confidence slowly increased so that he was happy to float and start to kick between us both."

This bestselling swim seat is suitable for babies that are 0-12 months, and is perfect to keep your baby stable and upright while they get used to the feeling of being in the water.

This Puddle Jumper helps to keep your child's head above water, while offering freedom of movement. It's made from durable and resilient woven polyester, a softer fabric for less chafing and features a buckle at the back for safety. There are 13 designs to choose from and it's suitable for children with a weight of 15-30 kg (2-5 years).

Suitable for babies aged 0-12 months (up to 11 kg) and 12-24 months (up to 15 kg), this swim seat has a secure seat with pillow back to help your little one sit upright comfortably and get used to kicking their legs in the water. It's available in three colours.

There are a variety of sizes and colourways available for this float suit, ranging from 1-2 years all the way to 4-5 years, although you should select the size that corresponds to your child's weight to ensure it's the right one. Made from quick drying soft close-knit Lycra, the all-in-one swimsuit isn't constrictive, so allows your child to swim freely. 

If it's confidence your child needs, this will absolutely do the trick. It keeps your little shark afloat without restricting movement or getting in their eyeline, so it's perfect for when they reach the big pool. Suitable for ages two and up. 

For slightly older children, this swimsuit jacket offers complete freedom of movement while in the water to help develop the natural swimming position. Made from neoprene with UPF 50+ sun protection, it has built-in floats to aid with buoyancy. Suitable for children ages 4-5 years with a weight of 18-25kg. Available in pink (pictured) and green

If armbands are your child's preferred flotation device, you can't go wrong with these ones from Zoggs. They're made from PVC, with flat contoured underarm gussets for comfort. These come in two sizes, suitable for years 1-3 (pictured) and 3-6.

You can't go wrong with a pool noodle as a toddler swimming aid, and this set of two is great value. Simply place the noodle underneath your child's arms, across their chest. Dimensions: 1.5m x 6cm.

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