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The best toys to take on holiday for your child

Holiday toy guide 2016

We've put together a breakdown of the best holiday toys. They're sure to keep your little ones occupied from the moment you leave the house until you get home again. 

As we all know, getting away can come with all kinds of challenges for your child – from coping with boredom on long journeys to adjusting to the new environment once you’ve arrived.

We’ve rounded up some of the best toys for you to take away with you to make things run a little more smoothly with this holiday toy guide 2016.

Toys for the journey

If you've got a long car ride ahead of you, keeping very small children quiet for the entire journey can seem like an impossible task. Thankfully there’s the Taf Toys In-Car Play Centre (£24.99

This activity centre is suitable for a rear-facing baby car seat, and has a multitude of cute items to keep your baby occupied, including a crinkly frog, jingling flower and a mirror so you can keep an eye on things from the driving seat.

Taf Toys In-Car Play Centre

Whether you’re on the move or on the beach, the VTech Baby Tiny Touch Tablet (£18.87 will be just what you need to keep small children out of trouble and get them learning their ABCs and 123s.

Specially designed for tiny hands, it’s resistant to everyday baby-related damage, and is one clever way to prepare your child for computer literacy from a very early stage. It’s small enough to tuck away in your suitcase, but packed with enough features to last the entire holiday without your child ever getting bored with it.

VTech Baby Tiny Touch Tablet

Bath time comfort

Once you’ve arrived at your new home from home, make unfamiliar bathtubs look friendly with the Munchkin Inflatable Baby and Toddler Duck Tub (£13.84

It’s inflatable, so it’s easy to transport and takes up very little room, and once blown up it fits in any full-sized bathtub to make bath time as easy on holiday as it is at home.

Munchkin Inflatable Baby and Toddler Duck Tub

Travel teething toys

Don’t let teething troubles ruin your holiday. Make sure you’re prepared for any gum trouble with this Gumigem Bubba Bag Teething Bag (£19.99

Filled with toys and teethers for babies, it’s a fun and portable one-stop shop for teething children on the move. Cute items for children to chew on include a set of keys, a purse, a credit card and a phone, which will keep your own keys, purse, credit card and phone free from small, curious mouths.

Gumigem Bubba Bag Teething Bag

Toys for the pool 

The hotel pool is the perfect place to get kids ready to learn how to swim. This Swimfin Buoyancy Aid (£26.68 will get them used to the correct position without feeling like they're having lessons.

They’ll love feeling like a scary shark, and they’ll also be safer swimmers, thanks to the extra help with staying afloat. It leaves their legs and arms completely free to get used to different strokes too.

Swimfin Buoyancy Aid


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