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The Toddler Travel Accessories That Will Make Any Journey Easier

Heading off on holiday with the kids in tow? Give yourself a break and don’t leave home without these essential travel buys.

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Little Life Backpack, £20,

Strapping your tot into safety reins on a day trip is a great idea but few are actually happy to wear them. Disguise them in an animal shaped backpack and it’s a different story. Choose from giraffes, sharks or turtles.
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Sticky Storybook, £6.49,

The genius of these bright fabric books is that they come with a sucker pad that enables them to stick to car windows, plane and train tray tables or even highchairs, so your baby can’t lose them.
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Trunki SnooziHedz, £19.99,

Make cars, planes and other nap spots cosier with this animal shaped travel pillow that has a blanket inside. Remove the fleecy blanket from the zip up compartment, and you can blow up the inflatable pillow for extra support.
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Cot Canopy Breeze, £59.99,

Here’s a genius way of keeping your tot’s sleeping area dark when you’re sharing a room on holiday. Made from blackout material this tent goes over the travel cot and covers the sides to create their own little room – and you’ll get more privacy too.
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NS Associates UV Travel Centre Deluxe, £79.99, find another

Streamline your holiday packing with this multi-tasking travel cot. As well as being safe and cosy, it also offers SPF50 UV protection during the day. The light and portable design makes it perfect for the beach.
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Prince Lionheart Lovebug, £9.99,

Fighting off mosquitos is doubly stressful when you’ve got little ones. You can’t use insect repellent on babies under six months, so this device is perfect. It emits a high-pitched squeal (that humans can’t hear) to deter the dreaded mozzies. Prince Lionheart Lovebug, £9.99,
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Griffin Crayola MyPhones, £15,

These headphones are designed for two to eight year olds, padded for comfort and volume is limited to 85 decibels, which is safe for young ears. When they (eventually) tire of Sponge Bob, the earphones come with stickers and markers to decorate the headpiece.

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