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Got a flight to catch? Travelling with small children can be difficult, especially if you have a long haul flight ahead of you. The key is to be prepared and make sure you have lots of things to distract them. We think these are the best toys and gadgets to keep your tots entertained on the go.
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Innotab 3S, £69.99,

This compact tablet is suitable from 3+ and has a camera, art studio and colouring apps, plus the option to play music and download e-books.
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Owl Sliding Puzzle, £1.99 for 6,

Simple to use puzzles that will keep little fingers busy during takeoff. A steal at under 40p each and an old school way of keeping the tots entertained.
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Doodlemat, £10.50,

A draw on, wipe clean vinyl mat that's ideal for travelling. There is no need for endless sheets of paper and the pen is handily attached too. Perfect for stashing in your hand luggage.
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Hug N Tug horse, £8.99, Sassy at

This friendly horse will keep your baby entertained for hours. The range of textures makes it extremely tactile and the beads rattle excitingly too.
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Yuutuu rucksack, £38,

How clever is this - a rucksack that flaps down into a tabletop? It also includes a snakes and ladders game, doodle set, pens, a pencil case and a mini filing cabinet, meaning your child has everything they need to stave off boredom in one bag.
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Wondercube, £17.99,

Squashable so it can fit into your hand luggage, this activity cube is packed with textile squares that your baby can pull out one by one. Each square has a different feel and sound to investigate.
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Magnatab, £19.99,

The Etch-a-Sketch for the 21st century! You draw by using a magnetic pen that pulls fixed ball bearings to the tablet’s surface. Encourages creativity, develops concentration skills and you'll be elbowing the kids out of the way to have a go too...
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Sticker book, £1.99,

With 20 pages of activities including colouring, puzzles, stickers and dot-to-dot this book is a must for long journeys. Others themes in the range include Princesses and Zoo Animals.
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Rattle, £14.99,

Part of a range designed by Dr Miriam Stoppard, this rattle encourages manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Can be fixed onto and airplane table with the suction pad.
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Bella the Bunny book, £9.99,

Looking at books can make the time pass and keep your baby occupied. Bella the Bunny can also be played with and then tucked in her pocket on the front of the book.
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