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The best baby wipe

The best baby wipe

Baby wipes – the changing bag essential every mum just couldn’t live without. You’ll have an endless supply and will use these wipes on your baby’s delicate skin, to clean up spilled drinks and take your make up off at the end of the day.  

Yet not all wipes are the same and different brands will have a different combination of moisture, softness and scent. To make choosing the best wipe for you a little easier, we’ve put together this list of our Mother & Baby award winners and market top picks.

Tesco Loves Baby Ultra Soft Wipes, £0.60, Tesco Direct

Tesco Loves Baby Ultra Soft Wipes

Winning gold in our Mother & Baby awards, our team of mum testers voted Tesco’s own brand wipes above the rest. The scent is pleasant and will leave your little one smelling clean and fresh after a nappy change. They’re not too wet, so you don’t need to use powder or a towel to dry your baby completely, and the pop-up lid is re-sealable. The only thing we’d have changed was the texture of the wipes – which isn’t as soft as some of the others on the market, so they might irritate really sensitive skin. Want to read more reviews of this product? 

Aldi Mamia Sensitive/ Fragrance Free Baby Wipes, £0.59, Aldi

Aldi Mamia Sensitive

Not only are these wipes super good value for money, they’ve featured in our awards for the past few years, with our team of testers voting them four and a half stars out of five. The wipes are moist and thick and the aloe and chamomile fragrance is pleasant. Another plus side is the huge pack size and the re-sealable lid, which makes these wipes go on forever. The only downside is the long list of ingredients that can seem a little chemical heavy and might be off-putting for parents who prefer a more natural wipe. You can read more of our real mum reviews of these baby wipes here. 

Tesco Loves Baby Ultra Soft Fragrance Free Wipes, £0.60, Tesco Direct

Tesco Loves Baby Ultra Soft Fragrance Free

Lovely and soft, these fragrance-free wipes are gentle on bottoms, hands and messy faces, and will not leave an unwanted scent on your baby’s skin. Our mums thought these wipes were good value for money and loved how strong the wipes felt – unlike other brands these did not rip or tear when coming out of the packet. You can read more reviews of these wipes from our real mum testers here. 

Jackson Reece Kinder by Nature Unscented Baby Wipes, £2.00, Amazon

Jackson Reece Kinder by Nature

One of the best natural products on the market, these baby wipes are ethically-sourced and biodegradable, so you can rest assured you’re doing your bit for the environment. With no nasty chemicals, these wipes are thick enough to only need one and have a lovely consistency. Moist without being wet, the packaging has a sturdy closing tab that prevents them from drying out. The only downside is the price, which compared to some of the other products on the list is slightly more expensive, yet this is justified by the quality, the natural ingredients and social conscience. You can read more reviews of these kind-to-the-earth baby wipes here. 

Pampers Sensitive Wipes, £2.50, Amazon

Pampers sensitive wipes

We love the clip to close packaging which keeps these wipes fresh. A brand you can trust, Pampers’ team of experts have made sure these wipes are soft and gentle on the most sensitive skin, making them suitable for regular use. Our team of real mum testers found the wipes to be strong, thick and didn’t get stuck together like other brands. The main downside is that these sit on the more expensive end of the scale, so many mums said unless they were on offer, they’d probably opt for a cheaper brand. You can read more mum reviews of the Pampers Sensitive Wipes here. 

Asda Little Angels Fragranced Cotton Soft Baby Wipes, £0.64, Asda

Asda Little Angels Fragranced

With a rating of four and a half stars out of five, our mums loved that these wipes have enough moisture to clean up the toughest of messes. Specially developed by Asda, they have been enriched with baby lotion to help prevent nappy rash and contain aloe vera and cottonseed extract to help care for your baby’s soft skin. Our mums loved how long the pack seemed to last, and voted the wipes four and a half stars out of five.

Asda Little Angels Sensitive Cotton Soft Baby Wipes, £0.64, Asda

Asda Little Angels Sensitive Cotton

These are specially formulated for sensitive skin and are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and suitable for eczema prone skin. Our mums loved how thick the wipes were, and how soft they were on newborn skin. Coming out of the packet easily, even in a rush, you’ll only pull one wipe out at a time. What’s more, these wipes scored four and a half out of five; without being too moist, they cleaned up the most dramatic of nappy changes, but didn’t leave your baby too wet and kept nappy rash at bay.

Morrisons Little Big Mild as water Newborn Wipes, £0.79, Morrisons

Morrisons Little Big

Gentle on sensitive skin, the Morrisons Little Big Wipes are lightly scented, soft and mild. The packaging might look a little basic, but don’t let this put you off, the wipes are thick and strong, and are as good as some of the more expensive brands on the market. Our mums loved the neutral smell and the easy to open lid, however they wished it was slightly easier to pull just one wipe out of the packet. Read more reviews and find out why these were shortlisted for a Mother & Baby award here.

WaterWipes Best Baby Wipes, £2.50, Amazon

WaterWipes Best Baby Wipes

The only baby wipes ever to be approved by Allergy UK, these wipes are as pure as cotton wool and boiled water and are recommended by maternity wards and neonatal intensive care units in the UK. Made from 99.9% water, they are soft, gentle and kind to baby’s skin. The price might be higher than some of the supermarket alternatives on this list, but you are paying for the natural ingredients and the assurance that these will look after even the most delicate skin. Our mums loved how soft and high quality the wipes felt and found them to have just the right amount of moisture. You read more reviews of these WaterWipes baby wipes here. 

Johnson’s Baby Extra Sensitive Fragrance Free wipes, £0.85, Amazon

Johnson's Baby Extra Sensitive

Proven to be as soft on baby’s skin as water, these baby wipes are made from 97% water and contain essential No More Tears cleansing ingredients, meaning they are perfect for all-over use. With a new easy to open lid that promises to dispense one wipe at a time, these fragrance-free wipes have been formulated to minimise the risk of allergies.

Sainsbury's Little Ones Sensitive Baby Wipes, £1.50

Sainsbury's Little Ones Sensitive

Made from T-shirt cut offs, these Eco Baby Wipes are environmentally friendly, but also attentive to sensitive skin. The plastic lid makes for easy dispensing and with 72 wipes in one pack, they are great value for money. Our mums loved these high-quality wipes and gave them five stars out of five in our Mother & Baby awards.



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