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A guide to the best reusable nappies

The best reusable nappies

Not only are they better for the environment, but reusable nappies are also said to be softer on your baby’s skin, less likely to spill and help make potty training easier.

If you’ve read all you need to read about the reusable vs. disposable debate and decided to use the washable version, you’ll be pleased to know, things have come a long way since safety pins and lots of stress!

To help you find the best reusable nappy for you and your baby, we’ve collected our top picks into one handy article.

From the gold, silver and bronze winners in our Mother&Baby awards, to those shortlisted finalists our mums loved, these are the best reusable nappies on the market right now.

Tots Bots Easyfit, £14.99, Amazon

Quick drying, slim fitting and easy to use, these cute nappies come with a nifty Velcro tab that makes for a quick changing. With a couple of bamboo boosters, the Tots Bots Easyfit will stay dry for up to four hours. The fleece liner is great for reducing nappy stains, as well as making the nappies extra absorbent. This is an all-in-one nappy that fits most babies from birth to potty training - the Velcro ensures a good fit, however old your little one is.

Our mums loved these easy to use nappies, voting them four and a half stars out of five. One of our testers vowed she would never go back to disposable nappies after using these easy to use, washable nappies. Read more real mum reviews of the Tot Bots Easyfit here. 



TotsBots Bamboozle Stretch, £10.99, Amazon

These cute reusable nappies are soft, snug, bright and comfy. What’s more, they’re also super absorbent and won a Mother & Baby gold award! We love the fact they come with a handy instruction leaflet for those who are trying reusable nappies for the first time. The only downside? They take a while to dry after washing and can be quite bulky, however, they are still a good night-time nappy!

BumGenius Freetime All-In-One Nappy, £17.95, funkymonkeypants

Coming in an array of colours, the BumGenius Freetime not only washes well, it dries super quickly. With semi-attached stay-dry inserts built into the cover, you won’t need any additional stuffing, which is a real time-saver. They might look a little bulkier than other reusable nappies, but the easily adjustable poppers combined with the leg elastic create a snug fit. Super absorbent, the BumGenius Freetime lasts about four hours, but can be used with a booster to last overnight.

Baba+Boo Reusable Pocket Nappy, £10.95, Babaandboo

With poppers on the tummy and legs for easy adjustment and poppers around the crotch for a perfect fit, this cute reusable nappy is super cute and super affordable. It comes with an insert and a booster for overnight absorbency, they can be washed and dried overnight. The downside? Our mums felt like these nappies, though being cheaper, were not as sturdy as some other reusable nappies on the market, however they are still a lovely, soft nappy.

BumGenius Flip Nappy, £12.50, The Nappy Lady

BumGenius Flip Nappy

Cheaper than other reusable applies on the market, the pull-off sections make this nappy really easy to wash. With a number of booster pads to choose from, you can re-use the outer cover, making it a flexible and versatile choice. That said, although changing just the inserts sounds like a great time-saver, it can be fiddly.

Piriuki Nappy V3, £14, Amazon

A highly absorbent, comfortable nappy, the fleece inner layer will keep moisture away from your baby’s skin and the waterproof polyester outer layer keeps wetness in. Good value for money, our mums loved the choice of bright colours. There are a few downsides however, despite being good quality for money, it’s not as absorbent as other brands, so be prepared to carry a few additional nappies. 

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