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12 party bag filler ideas for your toddler's birthday party

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Planning a party is never going to be straightforward, especially when you’re faced with what and how much you should put into the party bags. Our advice? Don’t go crazy or stress too much about the number of items. Most children are happy with a few items to keep them busy and a small packet of sweets.

Need some birthday party bag inspiration? Take a look at our list of mini treats…

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1) Sweet treats

Let’s face it, sugar plays a starring role at birthday parties and no goodie-bag is complete without a sweet treat for your toddler to take away.
Try mini Haribo bags or chocolate coins but if you want to reduce the chance of a toddler sugar crash, raisins and packs of dried fruit work just as well.

M&B loves: Haribo Super Selection Party Bag Sweets, 40 Mini Bags, £10.27
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2) Mini stationery

Little packs of crayons will keep toddlers busy and encourage them to get creative. You could also include a small colouring book. Novelty shaped rubbers are cheap to buy and great for adding to party bags but be careful to avoid those that could be a choking hazard. Go for larger styles without breakable corners.

M&B loves: 30 Crayon Shaped Erasers - 10 Packs of 3, £3.41
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3) Bookmarks

Bookmarks will come in handy for storytime, and come in a variety of novelty designs. Try animal prints to add a fun touch, or stick to a theme if your party has one.

M&B loves: Cute Animal Bookmarks for Kids, Pack of 30, £4.99 
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4) Wooden toys 

Go down the retro route with miniature wooden toys. Wooden cars or mini spinning tops will keep toddlers quiet after a busy day partying.

M&B loves: Colorful Wooden Spinning Top - 18 pieces, £7.99
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5) Bubbles

Pots of bubbles make great party bag gifts, but did you know they also aid development? Bubble games, where your toddler has to run and catch the bubbles, help hand-eye coordination, motor skills and language development and make a great party favour. And when all the bubble mixture is used up? Simply refill with some watered down washing up liquid.

M&B loves: 10 Mini Colourful Bubbles Wands, £1.89
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6) Badges

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you give your toddler a pin to play with. Child safety badges come with a plastic clip that is easy to put on and safe to use.
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7) Modelling clay

A small tub of Play-Doh or plasticine makes a good addition to party bags as it encourages your toddler to get creative and he’ll love making interesting shapes and characters.

M&B loves: Play doh party pack, £7.88
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8) Stickers

Everyone can remember the joy of being given a sticker as a child. Add a sheet of novelty stickers to your toddler’s party bags and at the very least, it’s something to play with in the car on the way home.

M&B loves: 24 Sheets of 12 Farm Stickers, ​£3.38
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9) Bath toys

For a unique party favour, put some plastic boats or rubber ducks into the bag. Parents will thank you for it as they can act as a bargaining tool to get your toddler upstairs for his evening bath.

M&B loves: Sea Squirtin Water Buddies Bath - pack of ten, £7.99 
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10) Bouncy Balls

Packs of bouncy balls are cheap to buy, just avoid smaller balls as they could be a choking hazard. Larger designs are safer and will be easier to find when they inevitably disappear under the sofa.

M&B loves: Stringy Balls Sensory Fidget Balls - pack of five, £8.29
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11) Mini Books

A new book will make a bedtime story more appealing. Mr Men and Little Miss books are a nice gift and small enough to fit into a party bag. Or you could give out a book to each party-goer instead of a bag.

M&B loves: Peppa Pig Little Library, £2.99 
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12) Slice of birthday cake

Don’t forget to add an extra slice of birthday cake if you’ve got some going spare – this will bulk up the bag and earn you some major mum brownie points…

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