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Tried and tested! Asda Little Angels Vapour Bath

Section: Toddler

Our panel of no-nonsense mums put popular baby products through (very!) vigorous testing, meaning you can spend money on the things that really work and have extra time to watch EastEnders with a cuppa tea! 

In this month's hot seat...

Vapour bath, 87p, Asda Little Angels


They say:

For a soothing scented soak. No tears formula. Menthol aroma helps to soothe and comfort. Paediatrician approved. Dermatologically tested.

Hmmmm. Over to you, mums! 

What did you like most about the product?

Sally Keates: The bubbles were lovely and plentiful and the fragrance was very good. Generous size.

Alexandra Oliveira: I really like the concept of a vapour bath product. It's not something I've seen before. It came well-timed as my daughter has had a cold. I think the product looks good; I like the shape of the bottle and I like the Little Angel's range. Good value as well.

Kayleigh Miller: The fresh smell and the fact it couldn't overused (tried and tested by my toddler squeezing extra in!)

Lorah-Kate Allen: The smell! My baby actually has a cold at the moment and the smell and the steam helped her breathing before bed. 

Janine Turner: We loved the smell and colour. There were lots of bubbles and it was great for clearing stuffy noses (daughter currently has a cold!)

Tilly Lewis: I liked the way it created a lot of bubbles as some cheaper brands don’t do that as well these days. That and the colour and smell of the product in the bottle are great! 

There were lots of bubbles and it was great for clearing stuffy noses!

What did you think about the fragrance of the product? 

Sarah Keates: My son commented immediately at how nice his bath smelt and took big breaths in. I thought the vapour/scent was of good strength. Overall, it was very relaxing.

Lorah-Kate Allen: Loved it. The bathroom smelt gorgeous. 

Tilly Lewis: It was very strong smelling straight from the bottle and I was excited to try the product. Once it was in the bath I couldn’t really smell anything even though I used a good amount so I was rather disappointed.

Alexandra Oliveira: I was initially concerned it would be quite overpowering, but it was actually really mild - so I think that could be enhanced a bit.

Kayleigh Miller: It's great smelling and didn't overpower you, which some vapour products can.


Did your baby seem to enjoy this bath time product? 

Bhakti Shakla: My daughters who are five and two loved the smell of the vapour. They spent ages in the bath, because of the lovely smell. My little one who is two has a blocked nose and using the product really helped. 

Sally Keates: My child loved this product. It helped him breathe easily and he found it very relaxing.

Lorah-Kate Allen: Yes she really enjoyed it.  

Tilly Lewis: Yes she seemed to enjoy it as it created lots of bubbles also the bottle is a fun shape and colour so she was drawn to it straight away. 

Alexandra Oliveira: It produced plenty of bubbles, so yes! Probably helped with her cold as well, so a satisfied customer.

Would you use this product again? Why?

Lorah-Kate Allen: Yes, I would use it whenever she has got a cold, to help with her breathing and to relax her before bed.  

Alexandra Oliveira: Yes I would. I would probably only use it during winter time and times when she is poorly, not as a regular thing. But definitely something I'd like to keep in the cupboard. It wasn't drying on her skin and she didn't have any reactions to it, so I see no reason why I wouldn't use it again. 

Sophie Mayoh: I will be continuing to use this product as it worked well in the bath but also seemed to help my slightly congested baby, she seemed a lot fresher and alert after the bath with less struggling with a snotty nose.

Kayleigh Miller: Yes, especially this time of year she sniffles are about as it will help keep her airwaves clear.

Tilly Lewis: I would definitely use it again as it is a good bubble bath, but I’m not so sure the vapour aspect made much of a difference. It would be worth another try though. 

Definitely would use again and would recommend it to my friends!

Would you recommend this product to others?

Bhakti Shakla: I would definitely buy and use this product again, my kids loved it and it left their skin nice and soft. I will recommend this product to all of my daughter's friend's parents. 

Lorah-Kate Allen: Yes, I have already recommended it to my friend who’s baby also has a cold right now!

Janine Turner: Definitely would use again and would recommend it to my friends. 

Alexandra Oliveira: Yes, definitely. I haven't seen anything like this on the market before and I think it's a really good idea, especially at this time of year when there's a lot of coughs and colds about and you want to soothe your child as much as possible. 

Sophie Mayoh: I would definitely recommend this product to others, mainly based on the fact my baby has slightly sensitive skin and this product did not cause any concerns, immediate or later irritation to the skin.

Are there any changes that you would make to the product? 

Sarah Keates: I thought the actual product was more luxurious than what the bottle leads you to believe. 

Lorah-Kate Allen: Not really, it seemed gentle enough on her sensitive skin.

Alexandra Oliveira: As said above, I feel the scent could be enhanced in order to make it more effective. As it's marketed as a Vapour product, you might as well go the full hog! 

Tilly Lewis: The fact that it is 'vapour bubble bath' suggests it should help my baby’s sniffly nose, but the vapour disappears once it is diluted. I didn’t feel like it was helping her as I couldn’t even smell anything myself despite using a good amount. If it really gave off even the slightest scent, I believe it really would help ill babies at bathtime.


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