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ASDA Little Angels Swim Pants - Tried and Tested!

Section: Toddler

Our panel of no-nonsense mums put popular baby products through (very!) vigorous testing, meaning you can spend money on the things that really work and have extra time to watch EastEnders with a cuppa tea! 

In this month's hot seat...

Little Angels Swim Pants, £2, ASDA

Did you know that Little Angels did swim pants?

Katie King: I wasn't aware of these swim nappies, I hadn't seen them in my local ASDA.

Fiona James: No - being honest we have always used a particular brand leader in swim pants and haven’t really looked out for any others but this has certainly changed our opinion now.

Angela Gregory: I did know Little Angels did swim pants, but I hadn't used them before.

What was your first impression of the product when you received it?

Katie King: Very impressed, great quality and soft.

Fiona James: Initial thoughts were that it looked a high-quality fun but a functional product and it didn’t disappoint. All the key information was clearly displayed on the packaging in terms of size/ weight and main points for use. The packaging itself felt strong quality and substantial to be housing its contents safely. The nappies felt of superior quality and had a lovely attractive design. I loved the use of the whale and duck design to give it that nautical feel. 

Stephanie Jolly: I would say it's not completely obvious from the packaging that they are swim pants - it's not obvious the baby on the front is in water until taking a closer look. The swim pants logo at the top is quite small. If I was browsing the nappy aisle looking for swim nappies, I could easily miss these and dismiss them for normal ones. 

Angela Gregory: The outside packaging was nice and simple! The pants had a lovely whale and ducks on it! They looked fun to wear! 

What did you like most about the product?

Kayleigh Miller: They appear to be very comfortable for my little one, he could move easily in them even though he is hitting the max weight for this size.

Katie King: The softness, nice neutral design.

Stephanie Jolly: I really liked the pull-up style of the nappy. So much easier to put on a wriggling and crawling baby on a changing room floor! They are very soft. I really liked that it indicated which way they should go on with the word ‘back’ printed on them. This is something that drives me mad about Huggies! I never know which way they should go on and by the time I have figured it out, Archie has rolled over and crawled off! The colour and style of the nappy is nice and colourful with little ducks. Very cute. Easy to remove after swimming and the sides are easy to tear when wet.

Angela Gregory: The thing I liked most was that it had back written on the back! Other swim pants I have used don’t have that and it’s a guessing game working out which way they go on! The last thing you want is them leaking in the pool because you’ve put them on the wrong way round! 

Laura Stinston: I liked how they were elasticated, so I could put them on my little one easily. 

Are there any changes that you would make to the product?

Katie King: They were a tad on the snug side for my daughter, she is 21lb but the small ones were probably too small for her even though the weight went up to 23lb

Fiona James: Not really as for us it certainly works. The only addition we could think of would be for it to be able to be secured after use by being rolled up e.g a tape to extend and wrap perhaps?

Stephanie Jolly: The only changes I would make would be to the outer packaging. To make it more obvious that they are swim nappies and more bright and colourful. 

Would you use this product again?

Fiona James: Yes, we absolutely would buy this again. It does exactly what we would expect from a swim pant. It is comfortable on and the stretch pull-up pants suit the needs of our active little girl very well. 

Stephanie Jolly: I would definitely use this product again. Really pleased to discover a cheaper alternative to Huggies. They prevented any leaks and didn’t absorb lots of water. Lovely, soft and fits really nicely. Therefore I would also recommend to others. Have already done so!

Heather Hammett: Yes, we love Little Angels nappies normally so to have a good quality swim nappy for a good price is excellent! 

Angela Gregory: I would definitely recommend them to others. I think they are good value for money especially if you live near an ASDA! 

Laura Stinston: I would definitely use the swim pants again and would recommend them to others as they're easy to use put on and off the child, with the elasticated waist.

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