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19 brilliant baking ideas for you and your toddler

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If you're inspired by the Great British Bake Off, how about putting your chef hat on and having some fun in the kitchen with your toddler?

Whether you fancy something sweet, savoury or healthy, have a look at our easy-to-make recipes to find the perfect option for you both.

You’ll be left with a delish lunch option and you can even enlist your tot’s help with the post-bake cleanup. Now that’s what we call a win-win situation. 

Keep scrolling through our baking gallery to for tasty recipes to try with your toddler... 

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1) Chocolate Whoopie pies

These tasty cake sandwiches are ideal for little hands to help out with but you may need to take charge of the piping. Or just allow them to go a little ‘freestyle’. 
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2) Victoria Sponge cake

Light, fluffy and completely irresistible, this traditional sponge cake is simple to make. Your tot can even snack on any extra strawberries while you're making it. 
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3) Chocolate and Hazelnut muffins

The perfect afternoon snack, these scrummy muffins will only take 45 minutes to make.

Your tot can be chief mixer while you deal with the melting and the oven – and of course you can both enjoy the end result. The nuts can be missed out if your tot isn’t a fan. 
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4) Chocolate Malteser fridge cake 

Your toddler will have great fun smashing up the biscuits (under your watchful eye of course) to make this indulgent treat.

Easy to make, this fridge cake is super moreish and will disappear into hungry tums’ as soon as it’s ready.

Only thing is you’ll have to restrain yourselves until the two hour chilling time is up…
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5) Banana and Nutella tartlets

Gooey yet crisp, these tartlets are filled with every child’s favourite spread – Nutella.

Arm your little one with a child’s-sized rolling pin and she can help prepare the pastry. And you can both snack on slices of banana along the way to starve off those mid-bake cravings. 
Mary Berry's Vanilla Cupcakes With Swirly Icing Recipe Expand Image Mary Berry's Vanilla Cupcakes With Swirly Icing Recipe

6) Vanilla cupcakes with swirly icing

If you’re not sure which recipe to pick, you can’t go wrong with a batch of cupcakes.

Opt for mini cupcake cases if you want the cakes to be a more manageable size for your tot and if time’s an issue you can even freeze the sponge to decorate another day.
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7) Hot Cross Buns

A great afternoon snack, you can enlist your toddler to help with the stirring while you prepare everything else. Add your choice of dried fruits, depending on what your tot likes. 
Apple Pie Expand Image Apple Pie

8) Apple Pie

Nothing beats warm apple pie for a classic dessert that the whole family will enjoy. Arm your toddler with a mini rolling pin and let her have some fun with the rolling out the dough.
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9) Mini cheese and potato frittatas

Delicious served either hot or cold, frittatas make the perfect bite-sized quick snack. While you take care of the boiling and the chopping, your toddler can handle the stirring. 
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10) Grilled vegetable filo tarts

Ideal as a toddler-sized lunch or an afternoon snack, these tarts are a great way to encourage your tot to eat some vegetables.

She’ll love the flaky, crunchy texture of the pastry, and picking the vegetable chunks out of the casing.
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11) Ballymaloe brown soda bread

Although homemade bread usually takes a while to make, this soda bread is really quick as you don’t need to leave the bread to prove. After your toddler’s washed her hands, let her mix and roll around the dough. 
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12) Sweet potato biscuits

Perfect with lunch or to satisfy your tot’s afternoon hunger pangs, these savoury biscuits are full of flavour and almost mini sandwiches.

Your toddler will love cutting out the shapes from the dough and if you want to get creative, use different shaped pastry cutters. 
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13) Mini Arancini

These bite-sized balls are a perfect way to use leftover risotto and you and your sous chef can get inventive with the cheese, vegetables and meat you add to them.

Your tot can have fun getting messy and moulding the balls of rice with her (clean) hands.
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14) Cheese and Tomato pizza

Nothing beats homemade pizza and it’s a lot of fun to make. There’s dough rolling to do, toppings to scatter on and, of course, the finished product to eat. What more do you want from a baking sesh! 
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15) Tomato and Basil quiche

A great alternative to pizza, quiche is easy for your toddler to help make and eat. This recipe does take around an hour, though, so if you’re after a quick bake opt for shop-bought pastry. 
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16) Hannah’s Banana Bread

If you’ve got some browning bananas hanging around, this fruity bread is a must. Set your tot to work mashing up the bananas while you focus on the rest and then get the cleaning up done while the mixture’s in the oven.
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17) Courgette Bread

This bread is a cake in disguise and a great way to get your little one eating vegetables. Like carrots, courgettes can be used to make not overly sweet bakes, which are moist and delicious. 
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18) Perfect Pear and Raspberry oaty crumble

Making crumble is lots of fun for little hands so let your toddler get involved with the preparation. This scrummy pud will definitely round off your family’s Sunday roast – and there’ll be plenty of leftovers to enjoy for the next few days. 
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19) Berry Muffins

Your toddler will love helping you mix the batter to make these delicious and fruity muffins. 

What is your favourite food to bake with your little one? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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