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10 Genius Ways To Reward A Toddler

Section: Behaviour
Tired of treating your tot to a sweet or letting her stay up 15 minutes later when she’s been good? There are plenty of other inspired ways that you can reward your little one…
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1. Bake treats

Teach your tot how to bake her favourite treat – banana loaf or chocolate muffins are easy and delish. It’s a great way for you both to spend time together and means the whole family get have a treat once they’re ready! [Corbis]
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2. Plan a special activity

Let your toddler choose an activity that you and she can do together at home. To help her make her decision, offer three choices – these could be anything from playing a game to putting on a performance together for your partner. [Corbis]
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3. Use a chart

Oldie but goodie: keeping track of your tot’s good behavior with a sticker chart is a great idea and often the excitement of adding more and more stickers it the only incentive a child needs. Once your toddler’s got 10 stickers you can take him out to chose a small toy or give him an edible treat. [Corbis]
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4. Build a den

Convert your lounge (or garden, if it’s dry outside) into a huge den with sheets and cardboard boxes. Your toddler will love helping you to build it and her reward can be to play in it for the rest of the day. [Corbis]
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5. Give her money

Reward your tot with a coin when he deserves it. He can save them up and then treat himself to a toy once he can afford it. It will help teach him about how much things cost and won’t put you out of pocket – just 10p can seem like a lot of money to your tot. [Corbis]
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6. Have a sleepover together

When your child’s been really good, sleep on a mattress/sleeping bag on your toddler’s floor and have some one-on-one mummy-daughter time. You can always creep back and into your own bed once she’s asleep – just remember to creep but in before she wakes up! [Corbis]
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7. Have a dance party

Put your toddler-friendly playlist on full blast and have a kitchen/garden/lounge disco rave for half an hour – or however long you can both manage. (You’re both guaranteed a brilliant night’s sleep, too.) [Corbis]
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8. Throw a picnic tea

Forget eating at the table for once, and have a carpet picnic. Your tot can even bring along all of her soft toys as guests, too. [Corbis]
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9. Have a pillow fight

Precede your tot’s bedtime story with a good old-fashioned pillow fight. Just follow it with her bath and bedtime routine to calm her down before she sleeps. [Corbis]
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10. Put on a movie night

Let your toddler choose a film she wants to see and watch it as a family. Make it a cinema experience with with snacks for everyone and schedule an interval for everyone to go to the toilet and refill their drinks without missing anything. [Corbis]

How do you reward your toddler’s good behavior? Let us know in the comments box below.

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