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Your Family Medicine Cabinet: What Needs To Go In It?

Stock up your first aid and medicine kit with these items to keep you and your family healthy

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Keep some adult pain relief such as paracetamol, ibuprofen or aspirin on hand for headaches, period pain or back ache. Infant paracetamol is useful for easing pain and bringing down fevers in your baby. Paracetamol is safe in pregnancy so long as you take the lowest effective dose, but ibuprofen should be avoided in the first and third trimesters.

Nurofen For Children, £3.29, Boots

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Keep track of your baby’s temperature (and yours if you need) with this in-ear thermometer. It’s an easy way to take a reading without causing too much distress to your child.

Braun ThermoScan IRT ear thermometer, £43.90, Mothercare

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Whether it’s grazed knees or a painful cut, having a packet of plasters in your medicine cabinet will always help to make your child feel better. Even more so if they feature their favourite characters.

Gruffalo plasters, £3.99,

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Nappy cream

Soothe painful nappy rash and prevent redness and soreness on your baby’s skin with a nappy cream.

E45 Nappy Cream, £5.39, Boots

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Nail clippers

Your baby’s nails will grow surprisingly quickly – and are fully formed when he’s a newborn – so if you don’t want to use scratch mitts, make sure you keep his nails trimmed.

StylFile Nipper Clipper, £9.95, John Lewis

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Rehydration salts

If you or your baby has diarrhoea, it’s important to replace lost fluids, salt and glucose and aid rehydration. Always consult your GP if your baby has a bout of diarrhoea.

Dioralyte sachets, £3.79 (six sachets)

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Clean up cuts and grazes and remove any infection-causing bacteria with an antiseptic lotion or cream. It also works on bites and stings.

Savlon, £2.18, Boots

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Colic drops

The dreaded coliccan be eased by a range of methods, one of which are colic drops. Some work by helping to digest lactase, an enzyme found in milk.

Colief infant drops, £11.49, Boots

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Medicine dispenser

If a wriggling baby has meant giving your baby medicine has turned into a messy splatterfest, try using a medicine dispenser. It works like a syringe, but has a dummy attachment which your baby can suck the medicine through so it’s less traumatic all round.

Dentinox Medicine Dispenser, £6.99, Asda

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Help ease the allergic symptoms caused by pet, dust and pollen with an anti-histamine.

Benadryl For Kids (2 years+), £3.79,

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Sterile dressing

For bigger cuts and grazes, you may want to take your baby or toddler to the doctor to have him looked at. But a pack of sterile dressings is always useful to keep on hand.

Adhesive wound dressing, £3.19, Boots

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Nasal aspirator

Babies and children can’t blow their nose, so if your little one is bunged up, a nasal aspirator, which works to suck mucus out of your baby’s nose (yep, delightful), can be useful.

Snufflebabe Nasal Aspirator, £8.49,

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Chicken pox gel

Your child may escape chicken pox, he may not, but be prepared with a product that will help to ease the itching and aid healing. And unlike calamine lotion, it won’t dry out the skin too much.

ViraSoothe chicken pox gel spray, £5.73, Tesco

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Heartburn relief

A lifesaver if you’re suffering from pregnancy heartburn, you can also get versions for your baby, but get advice from your GP or a pharmacist before giving it to him.

Gaviscon (600ml), £8.99, Boots

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Cotton wool balls

These are useful for early nappy changes with your newborn, or cleaning the eye if your baby has conjunctivitis.

Cotton balls (100), £1.20, Tesco

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Sun cream

Protecting your baby or toddler’s skin from the sun is vital. Keep suncream to hand at all times of the year, just in case there’s an odd hot day in April (it does happen!).

Soltan Kids Dry Touch Lotion SPF50+ 200ml, £5.50, Boots

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As well as ensuring your own brows don’t resemble a Marx brother, tweezers are also handy for pulling splinters out of your toddler’s finger.

Essential Straight Tweezer, £2.73, Tesco

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