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Toddler Winter Craft Ideas (That You Won’t Have Tried Before)

Stuck for creative ways to lure your tot away from the iPad? Look no further. We’ve rounded up some genius craft ideas that won’t just save him from screen time but that he'll love doing – and they’ll cost you almost nothing. You just might need to stock up on more cotton wool…

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Snow art

OK, so you’ll need to wait for it to snow to be able to have a go at this with your tot but it will be well worth the wait. Grab some paints and brushes and let your little one go crazy – the whole snow-covered garden can be his blank canvas to cover. [Pinterest]
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Robin paper plate

Your toddler will love making this oh-so-sweet festive Robin. And all you will need are two paper plates (that he can have fun painting) some red and yellow tissue paper and a pair of googly eyes. [Pinterest]
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Lollipop Christmas tree

The perfect homemade Christmas gift for gran and grandad, this Christmas tree will look lovely hanging on the tree. [Pinterest]
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Snow mobile

Make a simple template out of cardboard and set your toddler to work sticking cotton wool balls on to it. It’s ideal for hanging over the fireplace and bringing a little winter feeling into your home... without the chilliness of real snow. [Pinterest]
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Reindeer crown

Your tot will look adorable in this festive crown. It’s fun and simple to make and he can wear it for Christmas lunch or at his nursery Christmas party. [Pinterest]
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Christmas baubles

Rather than spending lots of fancy baubles for your tree, get your toddler to help you decorate it – at almost no cost – with these homemade paper versions. [Pinterest]
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Snow dough

Forget salt dough – this season it’s all about snow dough. Make salt dough as your normally would, but add in the magic festive ingredient – glitter. [Pinterest]
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Handprint Santa

Perfect for the front of homemade Christmas cards, all your toddler needs to do is print her hand on some paper – you may need to do the creative part that is Santa’s face. [Pinterest]
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Snowman footprints

This may get a little messy (lay down the newspaper or an old sheet beforehand), but your toddler will love the sensation of squelching her feet in paint to create this snowman footprints. [Pinterest]
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Fluffy snowflake

To make this festive craft, simply glitter-fy some ice lolly sticks and stick cotton wool balls at the end of each and in the centre. [Pinterest]
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Paper snow globe

Another great idea for a homemade Christmas card, all that’s needed for this snow globe is a few different sheets of coloured paper and some cotton wool balls. [Pinterest]
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Snowman paper plate

Your child can make his very own Olaf with this simple paper plate snowman. [Pinterest]
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Toilet paper reindeer

Save up the cardboard from toilet paper rolls for your tot to transform into this reindeer. Perfect for any Christmas puppet shows he may want to put on for the family. [Pinterest]

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