27 Halloween games, activities and crafts for kids

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Halloween is a great way to get creative and have some fun with the kids. We've got some suggestions on how to get your little ones involved with the celebrations, with some of the best indoor and outdoor Halloween games and activities to do with your tots. Get those pumpkins carved and the decorations put up and prepare for some spooky fun with these easy Halloween games for toddlers.

Halloween games and activities 

1. Pin the nose on the pumpkin

This is just like Pin The Tail On The Donkey but replace the donkey with a pumpkin and get your little one to try and guess where his nose would be. Simple, but effective, this is a great learning game for your tot, but will also be fun for your older children. Replace the pin with a sticker, for safety reasons. You can always do pin the tail on the cat or pin the bowtie on the skeleton too.

2. Spider slime

What toddler isn't fascinated with slime? If you haven't tried it with your tots yet (we don't blame you), but Halloween could be a good time to make an exception. Simply mix PVA glue, water, starch, glitter and some sort of Halloween themed confetti to a bowl and stir. They'll be fascinated with isn't gooey texture for hours.

3. Ghost bowling

Wrap some paper around some skittles and draw ghostly faces on them. Alternatively, just stick some googly eyes onto toilet rolls. Split up into two teams and see who can knock the most skittles down – it’s a great one to boost your toddler’s co-ordination skills and is lots of fun. Just move anything fragile out of harm’s way before the game begins!

4. Pumpkin drawing

As giving your toddler a carving knife probably isn’t the cleverest idea, hand him a crayon or washable felt tip pen to go crazy with instead and encourage him to decorate his pumpkin. As well as being a fun game for your toddler, this encourages him to be creative and starts the tradition for the future. The whole family can get involved with a prize for the most creative design.

5. Dress the Mummy (literally!)

​DISCLAIMER: You’ll need lots of loo roll for this! If you can face cleaning up the mess afterwards, a mummy making game is great fun. Let your toddler run riot with the paper, wrapping it around you like a mummy.  If there are other mums with you, get their kids to do the same and the child to wrap their mum the quickest wins!

6. Pumpkin hunt

If your toddler is a fan of egg hunts at Easter then they'll love this. Hide a few pumpkin around the house and garden and set your tot the challenge of finding them all. You can even create some (obvious) clues to help him along his way, or perhaps a map with some treasure at the end. This is a good alternative to trick or treating if your little one is still too young.

7. Ghouls and ghosts dress up

It wouldn’t be Halloween without spooky costumes, which is why one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween with your toddler is offering him a huge chest filled with dressing up options to go crazy with.

8. Broomstick race

Split into teams and see who can race on a broom from one end of the garden to the other the fastest. Throw in a few capes and some witches hats for added effect.

9. Bobbing for creepy crawlies

Fill a bucket with water and throw in some (fake) creepy crawlies that your toddler can catch – you can them count them together and award prizes.

10. Beastly Biscuits

Forget baking cakes or buying bags of sweets for the trick or treaters – invest in some icing and get your toddler to decorate some Halloween inspired biscuits.

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11. Paper plate pumpkins

Another easy indoor Halloween option for toddlers if you don't trust them with carving a pumpkin, simply get some paper plates and orange paint and let them design their own pumpkin plates! These also make cute decorations for years to come.

12. Spider races

All you'll need for this one is a couple of straws and plastic toy spiders. The first one to blow their spider across the finish line is the winner!

13. Halloween heads up

Write down lots of different Halloween themed items on post-it notes and pop in a hat. Get one person to pick one from the hat (without looking) and make them stick their head. You all have to give clues to that person while they try to guess what their word is.

14. Bean bag pumpkin toss

Another great homemade Halloween game for toddlers. Cut out two pumpkins and make the mouths on each different sizes and shapes (if your tot isn't old enough to do this themselves). Stick the pumpkins on top of each other, or either side if they don't balance, then get some little bean bags and see who can throw the most into the pumpkins mouths.

15. Halloween face paint

Face paint is fun and will get your tot into the Halloween spirit in no time! We've got lots of pumpkin face paint ideas, a super easy skelenton face paint tutorial and even a vampire one.

Halloween craft ideas for babies

Halloween isn’t just about dressing up – there’s lots of potential for some brilliant crafting, too. And you won’t need to spend much. So check out our gallery of crafts and grab the glue, some pens and some pumpkins and get making spiders, ghosts, skeletons and lots more ghoulish friends with your toddler…

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Spider hand print

All it takes to make this creepy crawly friend is a sheet of paper, some black paint and a pair of stick-on googly eyes. Your little one will love splatting his hands into the paint. Just be sure to stay close, so the hand prints only go on the paper and not on the floors or walls! [Pinterest via indulgy.com]

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