9 toddler boy haircut ideas for your little man

toddler boy getting haircut

by Bryony Firth-Bernard |

There’ll come a time when your toddler is in need of a good haircut and you'll begin searching for the best toddler boy haircut styles. Maybe their hair has gotten far too long for your liking, or maybe you’re just keen to give your little man’s mop a bit of a tidy up and a fresh new ‘look’.

There’s plenty of cute-looking and easy to maintain toddler boy haircut ideas, so that your little one’s personality can shine through. Whatever his hair length or style, we’ve rounded up some hairstyles that the both of you will love.

What age should my toddler get a haircut?

A first haircut can be done anywhere between six months and two years old, however this really does depend on their hair, as some babies are born with a head full of it and others aren’t. It really does come down to the length of your toddler’s hair though and the style you’re aiming for longterm. booster seat

How to cut toddlers hair at home

You may wish to avoid a toddler tantrum in the salon and choose to give the role of hairdresser a go yourself. If so, then you’ll need to make sure you hair a small, clean pair of household scissors, pop them in a highchair or booster seat, as this will put them at a good height for you to cut their hair, oh and we definitely recommend some sort of distraction (toy or snack-wise).

Read our full guide on how to cut your toddler’s hair here.

9 toddler haircut ideas for boys

1. French cut and fade

This haircut style is super popular at the minute for youngsters and even adults. It can look great on all hair types, but is a particularly good style for afro Caribbean hair, and you can play around with how long, or short, you want to keep the main body.

2. The quiff

If your little man has a full head of hair which you don’t want to completely say goodbye to yet, then the quiff could be a good option. The hair is cut shorter on the sides (not as short as the fade), while the main body of hair is kept in the middle of the head, which you can either keep long or shorten.

3. The side sweep

A classic hairstyle that suits nearly every face shape and looks adorable on any toddler. You can play around with how much hair you want to sweep across, whether you want a 'big' sweep or 'small' one, to see what looks best on your tot.

4. Natural curls

If your tot has a head of beautiful curls, you may not be keen to get rid of them. The best thing to do is usually leave them untamed, natural and to make sure they get regular trims, as curly hair is more prone to break and tangle easily.

5. The mini ‘fro’

While afro curls are gorgeous, if you’re looking for a hairstyle that requires a little less maintenance, then this mini fro cut could just do the trick. Your boy’s natural ringlets will still be there, but just shortened and tidied.

6. The topknot

The ‘man bun’ has surged in popularity over the last few years and it looks like even toddlers are loving it too. A little topknot is another great style to consider if your tot has longer locks that you’re not keen to get rid of just yet.

7. Modern mushroom

This fringe hairstyle puts a modern twist on the 80s ‘mushroom’ hairstyle. It’s a cute cut for boys with straight hair that’s very fine, and you can play about with the lengths of the sides.

8. Angled fringe

If you're not keen on a full fringe then a side fringe is a nice way to ease your tot into still trying one. If worse comes to worse and you don't like it, you can just tuck it behind their ear and turn it into a sweep parting.

9. Pompadour

There's no doubt you would've seen plenty of men with this voluminous hair look, which may also look sweet on your tot too (and very stylish). Volume and length are kept on the top, while the sides are kept a lot shorter. Although it probably will take a little bit of care to get it looking this swish every day.

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