15 toddler party games for birthday fun

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by Emily Gilbert |

Got a special someones birthday coming up? If you're throwing a birthday party and are in need of some toddler party games to keep the little party guests busy, we've picked out 15 of the best ones to play.

In our round up below you'll find a mixture of those vintage party games you'll have played as a child yourself plus some new ideas you might not have thought of. Either way these toddler party games promise plenty of fun.

Whether or not some of these toddler party games will be suitable depends entirely on your child. Some may need tweaking or simplyifying.

And don't forget, you won't need to pick out too many toddler party games as a lot of the time they will be happy enough playing together and making their own fun.

Toddler party games

Obstacle course

While you don't want anything too challenging for your little guests, a simple obstacle course using the likes of a play tunnel and ball pit will always go down well. You can even time how long each tot takes to reach the end and award a winner.

Keep the balloon up

Even as adults we know the simple joy of trying to keep a balloon in the air and not letting it touch the floor. You don't need to stick to one either, blow up a whole bunch.

Red Light, Green Light

A smart toddler party game that encourages children to follow the rules, line everyone up at a starting line and mark out a finishing line. When you say ‘Green Light’ everyone will move towards the finish line and when you say ‘Red Light’ everyone must instantly stop. If anyone is still moving when you call ‘Red Light’, they must go back to the starting line. You can finish the game when everyone gets across the finish line or when most players make it across.

Pass the parcel

Frankly, it's a crime if you don't have this much-loved toddler party game. To make it more eco-friendly, we recommend substituting every aspect with reusable and natural materials where possible.

Bubble popping

A quick game that's lots of fun, set up a bubble machine and get the children to chase and pop all the bubbles that they can.

Musical statues

A great chance to get everyone dancing, party guests must freeze when the music stops and dance when it starts back up again. If little ones are upset at being 'out' of the game, encourage them to help police their friends.

Pin the Tail On the Donkey

Hey, it's a classic game for a reason! You can also get many variations nowadays to match the theme of your youngster's birthday party.

Scavenger hunt

One that can be played indoors or out, make or purchase some scavenger hunt cards which feature objects for the children to find. This way they can refer to the pictures as they look for the items.

Egg and spoon race

Not just for sports day, this is a great game when your party is outside. If you don't want to hard boil lots of eggs, consider using alternatives such as ping pong balls, lemons or limes, or even a tennis ball!


You may already have your own bowling set but if not, get creative! Find a tennis ball or football and then for pins use toilet roll tubes or even plastic squash bottles.

Musical chairs

You know the drill! Set up enough chairs in a circle, put on some music and have the children walk around the perimeter of the chair circle. When the music stops, everyone must immediately sit in a chair. The one person left standing is out. Remove another chair and continue until only one guest is left.


Toddlers are drawn to Piñatas like moths to a flame and we don't blame them! If you want to skip the sugar rush, fill yours with things like stickers and small toys.

Duck, duck, goose

A nice quick one to set up, you'll want at least five players. All guests except the first person who is 'It', sit in a circle. 'It' walks around the circle, tapping each player on the head, saying “duck” each time until they decide to tap someone and say “goose.” That child becomes the goose and runs after 'It', trying to tag them before they can take their seat. If 'It' successfully reaches the goose’s seat without being tagged, the goose is the new 'It'.

Sleeping lions

If you could do with some peace and quiet for a short while, you can't go wrong with sleeping lions. As the tots lie down and pretend to be sleeping lions, walk round and do your best to try 'wake' them. Or don't. We aren't judging...

Simon says

We're sure you remember this one but if not, all players must follow the commands that begin with 'Simon says.' E.g "Simon says...touch your nose!" However if a command doesn't begin with 'Simon says' and the players follow it then they are out until the next game.

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