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Sometimes every parent has to resort to entertaining their little ones with a bit of TV, whether it's to let you finish your hot cup of tea or gives you a chance to quickly tidy up. 

The trouble is finding something on the TV that will keep them entertained, but with Netflix you can access dozens of great children's shows at the click of a button. And to save you the job of scrolling through for something to watch, we've listed the best shows on Netflix that your little one will love. Who knows, maybe you'll love some of them too! 

11 great kids shows to watch on Netflix:

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1) Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom

Meet Ben Elf and his very best friend princess Holly. Children will love this show with elves and fairies, as they explore the Little Kingdom with their friend Gaston, the ladybird. But not everything always goes to plan, from magic spells going wrong to an elf delivery disaster, children will be in fits of giggles.
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2) Madagascar

This film is one that the whole family will love! Alex the lion is king of the urban jungle, living in a New York Zoo with pals Marty the zebra, Melvin the giraffe and Gloria the hippo. Marty makes a daring escape with the help of some mischeivous penguins, so his friends follow him into the wilderness of the city before they end up on an empty island in the middle of the ocean. We can guarantee a lot of giggles from this one! 
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3) Little Baby Bum Nursery Rhymes

Bringing nursery rhymes to life, this beautifully animated show that encourages little ones to engage in songs. Teach your children the actions to the songs as it teaches shapes, numbers and colours. Some of the traditional nursery rhymes include The Wheels on the Bus and Row Row Row Your Boat.
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4) Octonauts

Join the Octonauts and Captain Barnacles the Bear as they explore new underwater worlds. Little ones will love learning about the underwater world as they watch these brave characters try and save the ocean and rescue sea creatures.
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5) The Worst Witch

Inspired by the childrens book written by Jill Murphy, The Worst Witch shows a young Mildred Hubble trying to navigate school life in a world she feels she doesn't quite fit in. Prepapre for some magical mayhem that your children will be in fits of giggles at.
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6) Paw Patrol

Join in on the adventures of the six-heroic pups that protect the community with their tech-savvy friend, Ryder. Watch as Ryder and the gang take on various rescue missions and solve problems to help save the day, with each pup having their own unique talents.
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7) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Based on the beloved Roald Dahl tale, this film will capture your little ones attention and inspire their imagination. With some pretty valuable life lessons in the film, there's still plenty of laughs and a lot of catchy songs to join in with. 
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8) Horrible Histories

If you want your child to watch something a little more educational, then why not try Horrible Histories? It puts a fun spin on some of histories most important events, making learning a lot more interesting! 
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9) Jumanji

This classic film is perfect for family time. Your little ones will love all the craziness on-screen even if they don't quite understand whats going on, but its one the older kids and parents will love!
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10) Peppa Pig

This much loved cartoon, (by the kids, not so much the parents), is a phenomenon that just won't go away. Children will learn about the world through Peppa's eyes as she and her little brother George explore new opportunities each day. But whether that's a camping holiday, feeding the ducks or a birthday, nothing beats jumping up and down in muddy puddles. 
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11) Victorious

This sitcom follows the life of aspiring singer Tori Vega (Victoria Justice) as she navigates her way through a performing arts school. While the show is aimed at teens, it's got some very catchy music that even little ones would love.
It also launched the career of popular singer Ariana Grande.

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