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11 teachers give their advice to parents with kids starting school this September

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Your little one starting 'big' school naturally ignites a lot of emotions for everyone involved.

How did your little one get so grown-up already? It feels like only yesterday you were counting the rolls on your toddler's arm and now your choosing their back to school backpack. How will you cope with not seeing them all day? How will they cope? Why isn't there a manual which helps with the inevitable separation anxiety that will come when waving them off at the school gates? 

That's why we asked 11 Primary School teachers for their top advice for parents with little ones starting school this Autumn. Oh and they definitely didn't disappoint... 


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1) 'Put a half smiley face in each of their shoes/wellies/daps so they know which one goes on which foot.' Little ones will love it, too! 
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2) 'Don't compare your child, everyone develops at their own pace' 
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3) 'Don't cry when you drop them off! They should feel safe going into class and crying might make them even more anxious!' 
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4) 'Name absolutely everything!'
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5) 'Don't talk about anything you don't want to be shared with their teachers and other school staff in front of them, because we will find out about everything (from swear words used at home to parents pubic hair routines!)
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6) 'Don't worry if they don't get everything straight away'
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7) 'Help your child recognise their name! Nearly everything in your child’s new classroom will have their name, including their coat peg and their work tray. Most Reception children will also be required to do self-registration where they find their name to show they’re in class that day.' From Learning Made Fun blog. 
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8) 'Toilet train them!' 
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9) 'Encourage them to be as independent as possible (getting changed, tidying up after themselves, putting their rubbish in the bin, finding their clothes) it makes life at school so much easier
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10) 'That it’s ok to make mistakes ! Just keep an open dialogue with the teacher as much as possible they will always be able to answer any questions. And another thing is to try not to show if you’re feeling a bit anxious, unsure or even a bit sad that your child is going to school - totally fine to feel this way but your child will pick up on these feelings naturally and may become worried themselves. It’s a bit of an act but it works to help them start school positively. Settling them happily in to school is more important than anything else in the first term!'
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11) 'Get your child to keep trying on their uniform if they have one, the practise getting it on and off will help them when it’s time to get ready for PE as many children find it upsetting suddenly having to get dressed more quickly than they are used to.' Sarah Hampson, former Early Years Education Consultant & Director of Love My Name.

Did any of the advice help you and your family? Have you got any nuggets of wisdom to add to the list? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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