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The best sandpits with a cover for children of all ages

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There is no doubt children love playing in the sand. Not only is this an excellent way for them to explore a new environment, but they can test their motor skills, get creative and play games with their friends or siblings. A sandpit gives the novelty of playing on a beach on a hot day without the overwhelming crowds and travel. 

To help you find the right sandpit, we have compiled a list of all the best sandpits with a cover for children of all ages.

Here are some things to consider when buying a sandpit to ensure you have the right one for your children.

How big is the sand area? 

It is good to look at how big the actual sandpit is as some models have a larger surrounding area but only a small space for sand. If you have more than two children, it is good to find a large sand area with some surrounding seats or benches for them to perch on.

How much sand do I need? 

As sandpits don’t come with free sand, you will need to buy a few bags to fill the pit. Check the key specifications on the products below for an approximate amount of sand.

What type of sand is best? 

Use child-safe play sand that has been washed, graded and blended. Most children toy stores will have this readily available. 

Does it have a base? 

It is best to check if the sandpit comes with a base, so you don't have to soil a patch of grass or your patio. Those without bases mean you can’t move it unless the sand is emptied. You could add a base yourself if you are set on a model without a base. We have noted this in our product descriptions. 

Does it have a cover? 

All of our selected products have a lid or covering in this list. Covers help protect the sand from dirt, animals or bad weather. It will keep the sand cleaner, which is good if you are concerned about babies or young children eating it.

Best sandpits with a cover

Best value sandpit

Suitable age: 18 months+

This classic square sandpit is compact and is easy to assemble. With four colourful seats around the corners, a groundsheet to set out the sand, and a protective cover, this sandpit is all you need for a home beach day. However, it is good to note that the base isn’t too solid, so it will be hard to move once filled with sand.

Key specifications 
Size: H16cm x W90cm x L90 cm
Sand required: 6 x 15g bags 
Base: Yes
Cover: Yes

Mum review: "It is a lovely sand pit for any little boy or girl and comes with a cover and bottom sand cover."

Best sandpit for little children

Suitable age: 2 months - 3 years

If you are looking for ways to messy play with your child, then this sandpit is ideal for small children. You can even detach the legs if your little one can’t stand and play yet. With a moat of water around the side of the table and a sandpit in the centre, this pit is excellent for testing their fine motor skills. The set comes with a rake, scoop and boat. When you are done playing for the day, just place the cover on to keep everything together. 

Key specifications 
Size: H46 cm x W71 cm x 18 cm
Sand required: 6 x 15g bags 
Cover: Yes

Best sandpit for creative play

Suitable age: ‎12 months+

Your kids can pretend they are on the race track with this car sandpit which features a steering wheel and car seat. This clever design allows you to use the bonnet as storage space for buckets and spades, and the panels and base prevent sand from escaping. It doesn't have a lid but does come with a rain cover. 

Key specifications 

SizeH36.5cm x W90cm x L115cm

Sand needed: Approx 4 x 15kg bags

Base included: Yes 

Cover included: Yes

Review: "I have been looking for a decent Sandpit for some time. I saw this one and ordered it based on the look and the reviews. It arrived in good time, easily assembled by hubby and thoroughly enjoyed by our three-year-old Grandaughter. It's made of sturdy, smooth wood with handy storage at the front for sandpit toys, and it has a waterproof cover. So far, I'm pleased with my purchase and would recommend this product."

Best sandpit for aesthetic 

Sutiable age: 3+

This adorable boat that doubles as a sandpit looks fantastic in the garden and will allow your little ones to live out their pirate fantasies. The middle sandpit can be closed by the wooden lid when not in use, but when opened, the cover turns into benches with a space to play in the sand. It also features a steering wheel, sun canopy and storage for hiding treasure.

Key specifications

Size: H17cm x W56cm x L115cm
Sand required: 7-8 x 25kg bags 
Base: Yes
Cover: Yes

Review: "The pirate ship looks exactly like it did in the picture - lovely! I think our four-year-old granddaughter will get much pleasure from her birthday present, as will her little brother."

Best sandpit for toddlers

Suitable age: 12 months + 

This iconic turtle sandpit from Little Tikes comes with four flippers as seats, so kids can perch on the side while playing in the sand. The turtle shell doubles as a sandpit cover to stop dirt or animals from coming in. One thing to note is that you will need to put something heavy to weigh the lid down if it is an incredibly windy day. This sandpit can also be used as a ball pit or paddling pool if you would prefer. 

Key specifications 

Size: H30.1cm x W108.5cm x L95.6cm
Sand required: 68kg 
Base: Yes
Cover : Yes

Mum review: "We've had it over two years now, and the kids still love it. We've used it as a sandpit, paddling pool, messy play tray, ice rink for toys in the winter (with frozen water), and currently, we're using it as a pond for growing tadpoles. It's a fab item and with a bit of imagination (which kids certainly don't lack!) It will provide hours and years of fun."

Best sandpit for playing in the sun

Suitable age: 2+

This large sandpit is ideal for those extra hot days and works wonderfully to keep the rays off children when they’re playing. The fully adjustable sun canopy is constructed with UV resistant material, which gives good sun protection and the sandpit itself is a generous size. The pit is surrounded by timber benches, so your kids have something to perch on.

Key specifications 
Size: W117cm x L117cm
Sand needed: Approx 6 x 25kg bags
Base: Yes
Cover: Yes (the canopy can be lowered to cover the sand)

Review: "Love Scandibørn! I have bought many products on different occasions, and they’ve all proven the best quality. Excellent service and quick delivery."

Best sandbox for versatility 

Suitable age: 2+

This sandpit designed after an object in the Sims game is super versatile and turns into a bench for two when folded over. The sand and water play area is robust and spacious. This sandpit can be used as a play bench or train and track table in the winter or as a sandpit or ball pit in the summer.

Key specifications 
Size: 109.22 x 66.04 x 29.21 cm
Sand required: 68kg 
Base: Yes
Cover : Yes

Review: "Ordered the sand and water for grandkids. Very pleased with the quality, its simplicity. It is sturdy and perfect for little people to sit and climb on and rest their drinks on the shelf behind the seat. That’s just the enjoyment without sand or water. Definitely recommend"

Children’s safe sand for sandpit

This 20 kg  bag of sand will be ideal for you to fill sand pits and sand tables for children.

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