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The best space toys for curious kids

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The best space toys

Houston, we have a problem. Stuck on what to buy a space-obsessed kid? We hear you loud and clear.

Let them be curious and learn about the world and beyond, with some of the best space toys for children. From imaginative play tents to telescopes, there’s so much to explore through toys and games.

Imaginative play is great for kids of all ages and keeps little one’s entertained for hours, from alien invasions to space shuttle missions, there are endless possibilities that stretch further than the galaxies. We’ve got play tents perfect for gearing up for your next rescue mission and projectors that will bring your stories to life.

Struggling to keep the little one’s entertained while you wait for your space-themed toys to arrive? We’ve got some great ideas and games you can do at home to pass the time.

6 space-themed activities you can do at home

  • Build a model solar system – use your recycling waste and get creative!
  • Make some galaxy-themed glittery slime, check out our article on how to make slime at home.
  • Build a bottle rocket and launch it into space.
  • Get creative with fairy lights and map out some constellations in a dark room.
  • Join the NASA Kids’ Club.
  • Send your name to Mars with NASA and get your boarding pass ready for the next flight.

The best space toys for curious kids

Best LEGO space toy for toddlers

This educational space rocket toy for toddlers by Lego is perfect for kids that love to construct and build. Great for developing fine motor skills, cognitive thinking and spatial reasoning.

Suitable for: 2+

Best telescope for kids

Scientific fun doesn’t get any better than a telescope! This child's first telescope has a 12x optical magnification and a soft-shell ocular lens cover (eye piece) for greater comfort. Young researchers can view the stars at night, watch wildlife, or become seagoing pirates.

Suitable for: 6+

Best space play tent

This space-themed playhouse is a dreamy escape for toddlers. Play pretend, read books, nap or even indulge in a good game of hide and seek, this is the perfect private small place, kids can call their own.

Suitable for: 2+

Best space toy for babies

Out-of-this-world, this Rocket Jitter will keep little ones entertained when you’re on the move. The soft toy features 3D rocket details and a small wooden ring – perfect for babies who are teething. It also has a Velcro fastening at the top, so it can be attached to buggies, prams, cots and more.

Suitable for: all ages

Best PLAYMOBIL space toy

Unbeatable fun for little astronauts! The PLAYMOBIL Space Mars Research Vehicle, comes with numerous accessories, a cool light and sound effects.

Suitable for: 6+

Best science discovery kit for kids

A young science kit to encourage early STEM learning and scientific thinking while having fun. Make glow-in-the-dark constellation models, build a telescope and launch your very own rocket. Experiment with shadows, mix up galaxy slime and let your children create a solar system in their room.

Suitable for: 6+

Best space costume for kids

Houston, we have a costume. Kids will be over the moon when they get to step into the jumpsuit, slip on the stretchy silver gloves, and top it all off with the shiny helmet!

Suitable for: 3-6Y

Best space-themed colouring book

Explore out of space with this sticker colouring book, with activities and a space fact file, this educational colouring book is great for home learning and play.

Suitable for: 3+

Best space book cart

This super cool rocket cart will have children racing around at supersonic speed to tidy away their toys at the end of the day (fingers crossed). It's also a fantastic way for little ones to move their favourite books from room to room when they're looking for the best spot to snuggle up and read.

Suitable for: 3+

Best space activity centre

A beautiful activity toy for little ones; it will help them develop colour recognition and hand/eye co-ordination. It's full of colourful beads, levers and gears to push and pull, as well as a tinkly bell, a safety mirror and a clock with moving hands.

Suitable for: 18mths+

Best space toy projector

This fun Space Torch projects 24 fascinating coloured space images onto walls and ceilings in dark rooms – a great way for children to immerse themselves in outer space!

Suitable for: 3+

Best LEGO space toy for 5+

Another great offering from LEGO, this building set features a space research shuttle with opening cockpit, 2 large opening doors and space inside for a storage drone. This set makes a great gift for any curious children.

Suitable for: 5+

Best space toy for outdoor fun

Bounce yourself out of this world, with this retro Space Hopper. Equally as fun for adults as it is children, this toy is a crowd pleaser all round.

Suitable for: 5+

Best handmade space toy

This planet set will inspire children to learn about the solar system and each planet in it. Use them to talk about size differences, special features on each planet, and colour differences. There are so many fun ways these can assist with learning about the solar system and the planets.

This set comes with 10 pieces, but all are available to buy individually.

Suitable for: all ages

Best space-themed craft kit

A fun 'decorate your own' Space themed craft packs for Children to paint and display their very own masterpiece on their bedroom wall.

Suitable for: 3+


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