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Spiderman toys for kids

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Spiderman toys for kids

Marvel’s iconic Spider-Man has entertained generation after generation, and with so many films, TV shows and comic books, it’s no surprise our little ones' Spidey senses are as strong as ours once were. 

To help you narrow down your search for the best Spidey toys on the market (as there are A LOT), we’ve rounded up some of the best that we think the little (or big) Spider-Man lover in your life will love.


The best Spider-Man toys for kids

There's no forgetting the excitement of the day when you and your bestie both got a walkie talkie each! With extended range and static free quality, these walkie talkies are ideal for playing out in the garden or park or even if your tot is friends with the neighbours kids and want to carry on play time a bit longer. 

One reviewer says: 'My son absolutely loves these walkie talkies.' 

Okay so we know a foam Nerf bullet to the bum isn't ideal, but no little Spider-Man fan's costume is complete without a wristband that shoots a pretend web just like the real Spider-Man, making this a brilliant idea for role play fun! 

One reviewer said: 'My five year old loved it for a few weeks, running around the house and surprising family members with a nerf dart to the back of the head. We thought it was broken at first but you have to flick it in the direction you want to shoot whilst simultaneously pressing the trigger. Quite clever.'

Your little one will have hours of fun with this super speedy remote control car that's just like the one Spider-Man himself drives. With USB charging technology and up to 20 minutes of play time when fully charged, this remote control car is a brilliant toy for Spider-Man lovers. 

One reviewer said: 'I bought this for my four year old grandson. I was hoping he was old enough to start learning how to control a car like this and he loves it. The car is well made and has so far survived all the bumps and drops you would expect from such a young driver.'

Ideal for younger Spidey fans, this cuddly plush toy measures at 16 inches and even comes with 16 authentic phrases, including “Let’s practice our Spidey swing,” “Way to go team Spidey,” and more! You just need to give your Spider-Man a cuddle to hear the sounds. 

Often, it's the most simple toys they find so fun, and this torch is great fun when it comes to role play or even to use as a light when reading a bedtime story. A torch is always handy to have, and the fact this one is decorated with a fun Spider-Man design makes it a winner in our eyes. 

One reviewer said: 'I bought this for my toddler, it came the next day. The packaging was great and the torch is his new favourite toy, for someone that loves torches and Marvel Superheroes.'

Kids can bend, flex, pose, and play with their favourite Marvel Super Heroes with these super agile Bend and Flex Figures! These fun flex figures are a real collectors toy, as they're available for all your Marvel favourites. 

One reviewer said: 'My 5 year old loves it, he’s seen it on telly and had to have it. The only thing I could say negatively is that once it has been on Spider-Man’s back, the front wheel is very difficult to get back to how it was originally. Otherwise a great toy.'

These laser tags are great if you have two tots obsessed with Spider-Man and the best part is there will be no bullets or pellets fired your way! All you do is shoot the laser target with your laser and the device will light-up and vibrate when you get a hit. 

One reviewer said: 'These are good quality, good build, durable and good fun. My son is 5 and loves them. He’s a Spider-Man nut but it’s a pity that anything ‘Marvel’ is twice the price of other brands, so it’s quite pricey hence the docking of a star but at least you get decent quality with these.'

This LEGO set will be an ultimate hit with big and little kids on rainy days indoors. The building set comes complete with Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Doctor Octopus and Mysterio, and features a big, tough monster truck toy with working suspension and a net launcher, plus 2 armed drones. 

One reviewer said: 'My boys had a blast building the set together. My five-year old is an absolute huge fan of Spider-Man and this was the perfect set to peak his interest in both Spider-Man and legos. I would highly recommend for any child interested in Spider-Man and Lego!'

With over 15 character phrases and sound effects, this talking Spider-Man figure is great for when your little one is at the stage of imaginative play. As well as the sounds, by pressing the button on the wrists, two web darts will shoot up to 2 feet in the air making this the ideal action figure. 

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