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10 of the best potty training reward charts

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potty training charts

If you're making the leap from nappies to the potty, then you might find a potty reward chart that keeps your little one motivated and on track useful.

Many potty training experts hail the use of a reward chart as the key to a successful transition away from nappies, so here's our very own potty training chart for you to use with your tot. Just click on the chart to save or print out the PDF. 

potty training chart

It's easy to implement into your potty training routine - simply add a sticker to the chart each time your child uses the potty.

Benefits of using a potty training chart

There are four main benefits of using potty training charts both for you and for your little one:

  • The stickers could help your tot to get a bit more excited about the potty training process.
  • A visual reward system motivates the trainee.
  • It makes it easier for you to keep track of when your child last used the potty (therefore when they might be needing to go again).
  • It makes it more fun - who doesn't love an excuse to buy stickers!

Make your own potty training chart

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Personalised name chart

This is an easy one to make yourself – you'll just need some pretty papers, some letter stencils, and a few sharpies. Your child will love having their name as the main feature! This design allows your little one to earn rewards quickly in the beginning and work harder as he/she moves along the path. If you don't fancy getting crafty, you can also download a ready to go PDF here.
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Get creative with your tot

Get your toddler using the potty in no time, by getting them involved in making their own potty training chart. Look how pleased Penny is with her reward! 
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Train to gain

What a clever take on a training chart! This design uses popsicle sticks (you could also use straws or pipecleaners) for the track, then has a fun train that marks the start of the chart. You could then use stickers in the track gaps, or stick the chart on the fridge and add a magnet to the back of the train and move it along as your child progresses.
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Potty prizes

Some children don't respond to the whole idea of slowly earning big rewards – if that sounds familiar then this idea might work better for you. The jar filled with little treats means you can give a little reward when your tot uses the potty, or perhaps if they go all day without having an accident. 
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Rocket man

The great thing about making a potty training chart yourself is that you know what your tot likes so you can make the theme something they love – this little boy loved rockets so his mum went for a space theme. The addition of numbers along the chart makes it educational too.  

The actions rewarded in most potty training charts are these:

  • Doing a poo
  • Doing a wee
  • Washing their hands
  • Wiping correctly
  • Sitting in their potty for a bit
  • Not having accidents at night
  • Pulling their pants up and down themselves

Whether you decide to DIY or buy a ready-made chart, you can pick and choose from lots of different designs, whether your little one is into princesses, fairies, spaceships or pirates.

Potty training expert, Amanda Jenner, answers your potty training questions

The best potty training reward charts

Best Peppa Pig potty training reward chart

Designed to support parents with potty training and toilet training, it will encourage little successes along the way. With every one of your child's favourite characters, including George Pig, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, and of course, the wonderful Peppa. This product is perfect for any mini fans of the popular cartoon show!

Review: "Made from a good sturdy, glossy card, complete with reusable stickers. Plenty of reward sections/options so kids stay engaged with the process. There are also plenty of stickers within the pack, making it impressive and value for money!"

Best The Gruffalo potty training reward chart

Featuring the much-loved Gruffalo from the famous Julia Donaldson books, this wonderful chart and stickers include The Gruffalo and all the wonderful creatures he meets. The stickers also have all of his friends and a range of wonderful captions.

Review: "Brilliant! My little boy loves choosing a colourful sticker to put on the chart. The stickers are great quality foil stickers, and the chart is a pretty sturdy, kind of laminated surface. Pretty sure I’ll be able to remove the stickers and reuse the chart once it’s full."

Best unicorn potty training reward chart

This kit includes everything you need to make potty training a complete success. With four weeks’ worth of kit, your child will be working hard to earn rewards, wear the crown when using the toilet and successfully complete their training.

Review: "This was an excellent product, which I bought for my friend's little girl. The images were very helpful by the toilet and sink. The fact they were unicorn stickers meant she couldn't wait to put them on her chart. The little booklet with information was very helpful. A very good product."

Best dinosaur potty training reward chart

Make growing out of diapers and into proper underwear fun and exciting for your toddler. A different reward of your choosing can be given for each successful day whether it be a snack, toy or fun day out.

Review: "My daughter loves her sticker chart. We've gone from flat out refusal to use the potty/toilet to her asking to use the toilet. We are still yet to get her to do anything on it, but we are moving in the right direction.

"You get so much in the pack. Charts, stickers, big girl/boy crowns, an instruction chart, instruction labels and a getting started booklet. It is a wonderful kit, and I would highly recommend it."

Best fairy potty training reward chart

Sprinkle a little bit of magic on their toilet experience thanks to this reward product. This wipe clean and reusable chart includes 135 star stickers and can be personalised with your child's name.

Review: "Perfect for my kids to learn to potty train they loved these and personalisation make it extra special (plus can save on stickers as you can restick)."

Best personalised potty training reward chart

The perfect way to encourage your child to potty train. A bright and colourful A4 glossy chart with 125 star stickers to pop in the boxes. Each time your boy or girl completes a potty training task they can add a sticker to the chart. Once you've filled it up they can peel off and use a fresh set. This chart can also be personalised.

Review: "Lovely bright colours. It is just a laminated A4 page but it's nice and clear. Stickers are good for little fingers to peel off and stick on if children want to put them on themselves."

Best aquatic potty training reward chart

Unlike potty training materials made of paper, the chart, training card and certification included in this kit are made of soft, waterproof plastic, which protects from water damage. It features 168 colourful motivational stickers and 36 "I Did It!" stickers for when they do an extra good job. Plus, a diploma certificate is an ultimate reward!

Review: "I've had a few potty training charts and they aren't good quality, but this is good quality. It is a good thickness, you get lots of stickers and a pen. You also get cards to remind your child what to do when using the potty, wiping, flushing and washing their hands. You also get a certificate, which is a fantastic idea to encourage your child - this is a good thickness and the vinyl material means your child can't rip it. I would recommend it."

Best jungle potty training reward chart

This set has everything you need to make potty training a complete success. Ideal for both potty and toilet training, designed for both boys and girls. Stickers, medals and badge are included.

Review: "Reusable sticker chart! Absolutely brilliant, we’ve just started training my two-year-old daughter and she loves this sticker chart; she’s started sitting on her potty just to get a sticker! I would highly recommend it as a rewards tool."

Best potty training reminder watch with reward chart

The monkey watch talks to remind your child when it is time to go potty – his eyes flash green as he says "It's time to go potty. Let's go potty!" The colourful chart reinforces the feeling of accomplishment when your child uses the potty.

Review: "Love it...This has been a great help to my daughter who seems to forget to go toilet when she is playing. Has a catchy little tune and the eyes light up. I love the fact you can adjust the time between alarms."

Best outer space potty training reward chart

Encourage your child to grasp the idea of potty-training with this colourful and engaging potty training sticker chart. Includes everything you need to make potty training a complete success, with stickers, medals and final reward badge to appeal to childrens curious nature, using an incremental reward system.

Review: "This along with a story book about potty training helped me potty train my very reluctant 3 year old in about 2 days by the 3rd day we had no accidents and my son felt incredibly proud of himself each time he put a sticker on the chart. The medals were especially encouraging for him and once he collected all four medals he was allowed to choose a new toy. It was a really lovely positive experience and it came with lots of helpful tips."

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